how to put a rabbit to sleep at night

Putting a rabbit to sleep is a delicate and necessary task for owners. This ensures the well-being and comfort of our furry friends overnight. So, how can we do it properly? Create a peaceful environment in the rabbit’s sleeping area. Provide a cozy and quiet space where they feel safe. Add extra comfort by placing … Read more

Why do people think animal rescue is a hobby?

Animal rescue is an ideology that refers to any attempt at saving animals from abuse, cruelty, unfited conditions, or when they’re in danger. This may be a law enforcement agency or individual trying to save an animal from death or stray and afterwards give the animal a better life.Why do people think animal rescue is … Read more

Dosage Of Corid For Chickens, All Questions explained

With Corid (amprolium) you will be able to effectively get rid of coccidiosis in chickens. most vet recommend this medication as an effective treatment of Coccidiosis. You might ask “what is Coccidiosis? Coccidiosis is a disease often caused by parasite that affect the intestinal tract. it could affect chickens and other poultry animals like sheep … Read more

Unveiling the Truth: Do Roosters Fly? Find Out Now!

Majestic roosters, known for their crowing, mostly stay on the ground. But, can they fly? Let’s learn more about these fascinating birds! Roosters aren’t as good at flying as eagles or swallows. But, they can take to the sky for short moments. They have powerful wing muscles enabling them to fly up and maneuver quickly. … Read more

When Can Baby Goats Join The Herd?

Based on Experts recommendation, baby goat or kid goat should be introduced into the herd when they are between the ages of eight (8) to ten (10)weeks. Because during this period they must have been weaned properly by their mother and thus, your baby goat should be strong enough at this point to be able … Read more

Sunflower seeds For Goat/Sheep: 7 Questions answered

Sunflower seeds are rich in Vitamin E, B-complex vitamins (B6, B12), Niacin, Folic acid, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Selenium, and Calcium. These nutrients are needed for the proper growth and health of the goat. Many people are wondering if goats and sheep can eat sunflower seeds. Find the answers below. Can goats and sheep … Read more

Pregnant Goat Pooch Test. All You Should Know

The pooch test is one of the ways to confirm the doe’s pregnancy status. A lot has been said about it, but not many few people know what it means and how to do it. Hence, we will cover everything about the pooch, including its meaning, pregnancy stages, effectiveness, how it works, costs, etc. What … Read more

Can Goats Eat Jalapeno Pepper?

alapenos are little spicy pepper used in many restaurants to enhance food taste and nutritional benefits. Though many chefs and nutritionists add it to their meals, many goats’ owners aren’t sure if it is safe for their livestock. They keep asking questions like “Is jalapeno pepper safe for goats? Can goats eat jalapeno pepper? Do … Read more