A Goat Not Eating After Giving Birth?

If your goat doesn’t seem interested in her food after giving birth, try giving her some treats or different kinds of food to eat.

A goat’s diet should consist of high-quality hay and grass. Goats are herbivores, meaning they eat only plants. They do not need meat or dairy products to survive. However, if you want to give them some extra protein, you can supplement their diets with poultry manure (which contains high levels of protein) or fish emulsion.

Why does my goat have no appetite?

Certain factors can cause a goat to lose its appetite. The most common of these is sickness. Sick goats often refuse food. You should take your goat to a veterinarian if this continues.

Your goat could be losing appetite due to some common reasons we have listed below :

Illness: normally a sick goat might lose appetite at some point, and until such sickness like as parasites, respiratory infections and digestive problems etc. are treated they won’t eat well.

Stress: environmental changes, changes such as introducing the goat to a new home or bringing new animals to join the herd, all this can cause a lot of stress to your goat and at the end they might lose appetite.

Poor diet: make sure that they have balanced diet, it is beneficial to your goat to have a balanced diet most especially for them to maintain their health. if not they may lose appetite as a result of lack of essential nutrient in their feed.

Aging: Age can also affect goats appetite this is true because the older a goat becomes, they lose their sense of smell and also sense of taste. All this combined can cause lose of appetite.

Teeth problems: misaligned teeth naturally cause some kind of discomfort to goat. So if your goat have some kind of misaligned teeth, all this can cause the goat to lose appetite.

Note: always make sure you provide fresh and nutritious food to your goat and never fail to provide access to clean water.

How can I increase my goat’s appetite?

Since we have learnt why goat do lose appetite. Let’s take a look on how to increase their appetite using the methods we have listed below:

Offer a variety of feed: Don’t bore your goats with just one type of food. You got to offer them a variety of food such as fresh vegetables, grains, hay, grass etc. to keep their appetite high.

Keep their living space clean: if you truly wants to make your goat eat like never before then you have to ensure that their living conditions is not dirty. Their living space have to be ventilated, clean and dry to improve and maintain their health and also to encourage them to eat well.

Provide fresh water: access to fresh and clean water is another key to help untie your goat’s belly. Remember that this water should be free from any contamination like bacterias that could make them ill.

Address any health issues: you have to address any suspected health problems because sickness or illness affects goat’s appetites. So you must be sure that there is no sickness. It is good to have your veterinarian to rule out any underlying health problems.

Offer feed supplements: have you consider adding feed supplements to make their food appealing? This could be molasses or yeast as this could get them to eat until they are filled up.

Consider the temperature: extreme weather changes can affect your goat eating pattern. Hot weather for example can decrease your goats appetite. To solve this, just ensure that your goat access to shade and plenty of water so that they can stay cool.

What does a mama goat need after birth?

A Doe also called a mama goat, after a successful delivery need a combination of food. Actually there are a few combination of food that could help her bounce back to life to enable her breastfeed and take good care of her kids goats.
things to provide for a mama goat after giving birth include:

Clean and dry birthing area: we keep insisting that your goat’s house should be kept clean at all time. This alone will go along way to ensure that mama goat don’t get exhausted and also have all the energy necessary needed take care of her kids.

Plenty of food and water: please do your best when it comes to availability of food and water and it must be very clear and fresh as this will help her replenish lost energy and also recovery from giving birth.

A quiet and secure environment: their environment should be secured. Am sure you wouldn’t want predator to kill the kids goat. Also make sure that the the place is quiet.

Access to hay and bedding: your Doe need to be kept warm; so you have a duty to provide plenty of hay and also bedding. All this will make her feel comfortable and from being cold .

Access to minerals and vitamins: calcium and phosphorus and lots more, are all minerals and vitamins, your goat (doe) should have plenty. This will aid her recovery and also boost her milk production.

What to feed mother goat after giving birth

Providing a nutritionally and well-balanced diet to a Doe or a mother goat after giving birth or all through the postpartum period remains key to ensuring she stays strong because at this point she needs high nutrient requirements.

Fresh water: fresh water is always needed because water is life so Make sure the Doe have access to clean, fresh water at all times.

High-quality forage: forage of the highest quality should be provided. You should also be aware that the mother Goat at this point in time will consume a lot of fiber. This is needed because fiber will help her digestive system.

Concentrates:another thing you have to Offer is a high-quality concentrate feed. This high concentrated feed, is specifically formulated for goat that are lactating. Please note that this feed must contain vitamins, energy, protein and minerals. All this is just to increase the milk production.

Mineral and vitamin supplementation: one more thing we should Provide is vitamin E and
free-choice mineral supplement. We just want our mama Goat to have all necessary nutrients.

Grain: Grain such as oats, corn are energy giving food and serves as fuel for the goat. Simply put, they increase the mother goat’s energy intake.

When to deworm a goat after giving birth

A goat should be deworm 2 to 4 weeks after giving birth, this is what is recommended by specialists.

It is not recommended you deworm a goat immediately she give birth, because she is yet to recover from stress of delivery and labor .

Please note that there is increase production of colostrum immediately when the goat give birth and this often attract parasite, so it is very important to deworm your goat.

So when getting a dewormer it is best you go for a dewormer your veterinarian recommends because each dewormer design to fight specific parasite

What if I don’t want to deworm my goats anymore?

If you no longer want to deworm your goats, you can simply stop spraying their area. However, it’s best to continue to keep your goats away from any areas where you’ve sprayed the wormer.

What to do after a goat gives birth?

Goats are not like dogs. They don’t have to go out and find their own food. They can eat grass and weeds just fine.

So if your goat has given birth, she’s probably going to need some time off from eating. She’ll still be able to eat hay, but it won’t be necessary to give her any other type of food until she gets back into shape.

And if you’ve got a dairy goat, make sure that you keep her away from the baby goats. She may try to nurse them, and that could hurt them.

Cleaning the area around the newborn’s hooves

Goats are herd animals, and they tend to follow their mother’s lead. When she cleans her baby, she is cleaning herself.

If you have a goat that has just given birth, you should clean the area around the baby’s hooves immediately. This is to prevent any disease from spreading through your goats’ environment. You can use warm water and soap to wash away any dirt and debris.

Feeding the baby

After washing the area around the newborn hooves, you need to make sure that you give them food. Goats are herbivores, which mean they eat grass and other vegetation.

They are not carnivorous like dogs and cats, but they still require nutrition. Make sure that you provide them with fresh greens and hay.


A healthy goat’s appetite should increase after she has been fed well. If your goat does not eat well, try giving her some treats or different kinds of food to eat. After a goat has given birth, it’s very important to care for both the mother and the kid.

If you have a goat that has just giving birth, she needs to be kept warm and comfortable. Keep her bedding dry and clean.




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