Dosage Of Corid For Chickens, All Questions explained

With Corid (amprolium) you will be able to effectively get rid of coccidiosis in chickens. most vet recommend this medication as an effective treatment of Coccidiosis. You might ask “what is Coccidiosis? Coccidiosis is a disease often caused by parasite that affect the intestinal tract. it could affect chickens and other poultry animals like sheep … Read more

Unveiling the Truth: Do Roosters Fly? Find Out Now!

Majestic roosters, known for their crowing, mostly stay on the ground. But, can they fly? Let’s learn more about these fascinating birds! Roosters aren’t as good at flying as eagles or swallows. But, they can take to the sky for short moments. They have powerful wing muscles enabling them to fly up and maneuver quickly. … Read more

Chicken Gurgling When Breathing

Have you ever wondered why your chicken makes a gurgling sound? Is my chicken sick? If these are questions you intend to ask a veterinarian in your next appointment, then we suggest you pay attention as we are set to discuss all you should know about chicken’s gurgling sound. What Are Gurgling Sounds? Gurgling sounds … Read more

Chicken Keep Opening Mouth

Is your chicken opening its mouth frequently? If Yes, we have made a list of possible reasons why your chicken is opening it mouth all the time. So Here are some possibilities you should take a look at: Heat stress: unlike we humans that do sweat all the time when the atmosphere is hot, chicken … Read more

Chicken Won’t Open Eyes: 10 Question Answered

Why does my chicken close its eyes, how can I open my chicken’s eyes? How long does it take for chickens to open their eyes? Here are a few questions commonly asked by poultry farmers and chicken owners who can’t help but worry over their chicken’s closed eyes. Interestingly, we shall be answering the questions … Read more