When Can Baby Goats Join The Herd?

Based on Experts recommendation, baby goat or kid goat should be introduced into the herd when they are between the ages of eight (8) to ten (10)weeks. Because during this period they must have been weaned properly by their mother and thus, your baby goat should be strong enough at this point to be able … Read more

Sunflower seeds For Goat/Sheep: 7 Questions answered

Sunflower seeds are rich in Vitamin E, B-complex vitamins (B6, B12), Niacin, Folic acid, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Selenium, and Calcium. These nutrients are needed for the proper growth and health of the goat. Many people are wondering if goats and sheep can eat sunflower seeds. Find the answers below. Can goats and sheep … Read more

Pregnant Goat Pooch Test. All You Should Know

The pooch test is one of the ways to confirm the doe’s pregnancy status. A lot has been said about it, but not many few people know what it means and how to do it. Hence, we will cover everything about the pooch, including its meaning, pregnancy stages, effectiveness, how it works, costs, etc. What … Read more

Is Mint Good For Goats? 11 Questions Explained

Mint is a plant with dark green leaves that comes with a fresh smell. Mints are quite important in our daily activities as they could be added to food and drinks as well as provide flavor to certain dishes. While they can serve such purposes, they could equally serve as herbs to cure certain specific … Read more

How To Tell If A Goat Leg is Broken?

As someone who raise livestock, there are several things which you are expected to be on the lookout for which includes the well being of your livestock. The relevance behind having proper knowledge on how to go about livestock injuries cannot be overstated as they tend to be highly important . Livestock could experience several … Read more

How much to feed a baby goat?

Raising a baby goat can be expensive as it requires a conducive pen which might cost a fortune. Baby goat feeds, feeding equipment, and other materials that will enhance growth and better living aren’t the cheapest commodities in the market. Though it’s hard to give a specific figure, this article estimates how much it costs … Read more

How long do you bottle-feed a baby goat?

Bottle-feeding a baby goat can be frustrating if you don’t know and have all it takes. It can be challenging if you don’t understand the baby’s or kid body language and other signs. Well, don’t worry if you don’t know how to bottle-feed a baby goat because this page covers everything it entails. In this … Read more

Goats can’t stand on front legs

When goats can’t stand on front legs, struggle to eat, or their poop is runny, they may be sick. Knowing the symptoms and seeking medical help will prevent the illness from worsening or leading to death. A goat’s balance can be affected by a variety of factors that can cause the front or back legs … Read more

Goat Panting with Mouth Open

There are various ways to identify whether or not your goat is ill. One method is when they start panting with their mouth open. However, it doesn’t mean that every time you catch your goat panting, it means it is sick. Or does it? Well, I guess we’ll find out in the latter part of … Read more