Domesticated pig and tusks. 10 things to know!

Yes, it is a known fact that domestic pigs can develop tusks, but although, not all individual domestic pigs will have tusks. Due to selective breeding which have been going on for thousands of years, domestic pigs are less likely to have tusk. Rather efficiency of pig production for meat, disease resistance, overall genetic improvement … Read more

Can Pigs eat Leeks? 6 plants That Are poisonous to pig

When referring to vegetables, you cannot discard leeks. Leeks are part of the Allium family of which onion is part. Leek has bulbs but does not have the physical appearance of a rounded bulb like the onion. Instead, the stem or stalk, which is the eatable chunk, is more of a cylindrical shape of bundled … Read more

Why do domestic pigs have curly tails?

Pigs are undoubtedly one of the commonest domestic animals on earth. They are known for their meaty flesh and delicious and oily pork meat. They aren’t just about the meat, there has been an increasing population of pig decoration and pet pigs in recent times. As a result, many people are now eager to know … Read more