Can a rabbit’s broken leg heal on its own?Treating a rabbit with a broken leg

No, a rabbit’s broken leg should not be left alone only hoping for the leg to be heal on it own. Because a broken rabbit’s leg is a serious injury which causes severe pain to the rabbit. At this point you have to call in the veterinary.

rather than leave the rabbit to it self, call a veterinarian because the rabbit needs the attention of a veterinarian who should come in and treat the broken leg by first immobilizing the leg and giving it the necessary treatment so as to heal faster.


Treatment plan for a rabbit’s broken leg might involve the following:

  • immobilization or surgery,
  • pain management
  • Follow-up care
  • monitoring

It should be noted that without the help of a veterinary or adequate care, there is every possibility that the rabbits broken leg could aggravate thereby leading to further health problems that is detrimental to the rabbit.

How to treat a rabbit with a broken leg:

If your rabbit’s leg is broken,your first response should be to take it to a veterinarian who knows how to deal with problems like this.

The veterinarian will quickly perform a physical examination to check the best way to get the situation put under control so that the healing process will commence. At some point the veterinarian will order for an X-rays just to confirm the diagnosis that’s all.

Typically, the veterinarian will immobilize the leg of the rabbit, this is usually done with a splint or cast but there are some point where surgery will be needed.

The recovery process will take time and during this period (the recovery period) , the rabbit needs care and attention. You have to limit it activity as this will allow the leg heal faster. You shouldn’t fail to administer medication as prescribed by the veterinarian.

With proper treatment and care given to the rabbit, there is no doubt that the broken legs can not make a full recovery.

How long does it take for a rabbit’s broken leg to heal?

The time frame it takes for a rabbit’s broken leg heal completely depends on the level or severity of fracture. The time frame for the broken bone to heal also depends on the level of treatment and care given, overall health of the rabbit, the age of the rabbit also matters .
But generally, a rabbit’s broken leg could take about 4-8 weeks or even more in some cases for it to be joined together or healed completely.

Please be aware that if proper care is not given and also if the fracture is severe it will take longer for the leg to heal. That is why we recommend you get in touch with a veterinarian so that they can administer the right treatment and also provide an enabling environment for a quick healing and recovery.

Can a rabbit survive with a broken leg?

Yes it is very possible for a rabbit to survive a broken leg. Although it is a painful experience but if the right treatment is given on time you can safe the rabbit’s life.

But on the other hand, if the rabbit is left to heal by it self without the proper treatment, diseases and germs could infect the leg, this can lead to complications which might pose a threat to the life of the rabbit.

To help your rabbit recover from a broken leg you should get a veterinarian to help. They actually know what to do by giving appropriate medical attention to the rabbit where everything is managed properly.

Can rabbits survive with 3 legs?

Yes, rabbits can survive with 3 legs, but a three-legged rabbit mobility will be affected. That is how fast they walk will be affected. More also the quality of life may also affected.

You still have a huge role to play to make life easy for it. You should ensure that they have living space which is conducive enough and there is soft surface for the rabbit to rest on as this will help minimizing physical obstacles in their environment.

three-legged rabbits with time will definitely adapt to the new situation it found it self and continue to live a healthy, happy and normal life.

the good thing is that rabbits can adapt very well to life with three legs . A rabbit can lose a limb due to birth defect that necessitates amputation to increase quality of life or trauma that causes injury to the leg or maybe infection or disease.

But the good news is that these rabbits can get around just fine with this missing leg. They can binky, run, hop play and get into trouble just like the other normal ones.

The only thing is that you need to help them function better by giving them an enabling environment for them to strive.

You need to provide them with an enclosure with flooring that will provide them with loads of traction to help limit them from sliding and slipping.

They may have trouble balancing when trying to eat or perform tasks so you might help them line their pen with some rolled towel .

Again, you can help a rabbit with a missing limb by keeping it at a healthy weight because heavy weight isn’t good for missing –limbs rabbits.

This is because these rabbits will have a fewer limbs to support the weight. You should also try to put these rabbits in a more convenient, low entry litter box than leaving them in a traditional little box.


If you find your rabbit leg dangling or you find him limping then it might just have his leg fracture or broken.

You can easily notice the pain in your rabbit by looking for fast breathing, squinting or refusal to eat.

The first thing is to help your wounded rabbit be as comfortable as you can before taking him to a vet.

So you can visit the vet to clean, treat and bandage the wound. But the most is for you to provide an enabling environment that will limit your rabbits from getting fractured in the first place.

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