Can Goats Eat Cranberries? 12 Questions Explained

Cranberries are shrubs /fruits which are known to be good source of fiber as well as nutrients, for such reason, most individuals enjoy consuming them frequently due to the health benefits attached to them.

Since they are considered as food for humans, animals are not exempted from the benefits they offer. Livestock raisers are considering feeding cranberries to their goats however they are confused about the side effects it might trigger.

Today, we are going to let you know about cranberries and goats, how they react to it and the health benefits attached to it so sit back and enjoy the article.

Can Goats Eat Cranberries?

Yes they can. Goats are totally capable of consuming cranberries. Since they contain adequate nutrients which are required and relevant in the digestive system of goats, they are perfect diet for goats.

Furthermore, they are several nutrients which are housed in cranberries and they are actually required in growing livestock. However goats can equally enjoy cranberries.

Are Cranberries Safe For Goats?

Yes they are! Cranberries are considered safe berries to feed goats since they contain several required nutrients in them however, they could actually be side effects if they are consumed in a wrong way.

It is highly advisable to consider moderation when feeding cranberries to your goats as they could be poisonous if taken excessively.

Researches proves that cranberries contains Warfarin as well as emodin which can be quite harmful to the system of goats. Excessive intake of Warfarin could result to bleeding and bruising while emodin could lead to bloating which might not be too good. Basically, cranberries should be fed to goats in moderation.

What are Cranberries?

Cranberries are group of shrubs /fruits which grow stems and marshes and is quite popular around the world. Cranberries are unopened known to be one of the popular form of shrubs which are known to be of 3 different types.

Cranberries comes in the color red when ripened and they are mostly consumed in several ways. Most persons enjoy using cranberries as juice as it tends to be more effective that way.

All Round the world, individuals enjoy consuming cranberries and also offer them to their livestock. Research proves that they contain 87% water and 12% carbohydrates.

Are There Different Types Of Cranberries

Apparently, there are different types of cranberries, though they are related to blueberries, huckleberries and bilberries. Under the Vaccinium Subgenus species, there are 3 different types of cranberries namely:

  1. Dried Cranberries.
  2. Fresh Cranberries.
  3. Canned Cranberries.

All species and types are classified under the Subgenus species. All forms of cranberries are considered suitable for consumption.

Health Benefits Of Cranberries For Goats?

Cranberries are nutritious and also beneficial to the health of its consumers. It won’t be a bad idea to know the health benefits as well as nutrients attached to this wonderful fruit right?

Below are the benefits you could enjoy from constant consumption of cranberries.

Nutrients Minerals

  • Thiamine Calcium
  • Niacin iron
  • Vitamin B Manganese
  • Vitamin E and R
  • Protein

Furthermore, cranberries helping in preventing Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

  • They equally prevent cardiovascular diseases.
  • They equally prevent kidney stones.
  • Cranberries also improves digestion.

Are There Any Risks Attached To Feed Cranberries For Goats?

Feeding cranberries to goats do not actually pose any risk to their health however, certain things should be considered if cranberries are to be offered to goats.

Below are certain things guidelines which must be considered if risks from cranberries must be avoided.


If cranberries are fed to your goats in excess, it could stand great risk to goats as it could lead to bloating or bleeding. Cranberries are meant to be fed to goats in minimum quantity to avoid any form of risks or threat to your goats health.

After Effects:

If you notice any form of side effects after feeding cranberries to your goats, it would be strongly advisable to stop feeding them with such as it might not be suitable for the specie you are raising.

How To feed Cranberries To Goats?

Now this is a nice question since you can’t just harvest cranberries and offer them to goats. We have pointed out certain steps you can adopt when feeding cranberries to your goats.

  • Do not feed goats with dried cranberries often rather, feed them with fresh cranberries.
  • Make sure they are not infected with chemicals from fumigation or dust.
  • Separate the stems from the fruits to avoid swallow problems during consumption.
  • Mix them with other sort of suitable foods.

How Do Goats Eat Cranberries?

Researches proves that goats enjoy cranberries in a different way from the way humans enjoy them. They crush the cranberries with their teeth after the skin off the fruits must have been peeled off.

It would actually be nice to spread a minimum quantity in an open space for them to feed on it or a low kind of table would do.

Can Goats Eat Fresh Cranberries?

Yes they can. Fresh cranberries are actually enjoyed by goats. Since they contain nutrients and water, it is highly recommended to feed fresh cranberries to goats or mix them up with suitable foods. Dried cranberries should not be fed in place of fresh cranberries if necessary

Can Goats Eat Canned Cranberries?

Yes they can, but it might not be actually suitable for their consumption. Since they are manufactured and preserved with sugar, they might not be suitable for your goats as they could affect digestion in goats. It would be better to stick to fresh cranberries for total safety.

Can Goats Eat Dried Cranberries?

Dried cranberries are totally safe for your goats as they may not contain high sugar. However, they might be quite low in nutrients from the fresh cranberries in its dry nature which reduces the available nutrient.

Can Goats Eat Cranberry Seeds?

Yes they can. Goats can equally consume cranberry seeds in spite of this, they shouldn’t be fed lots of seeds as they may have problem digesting it. If seeds from cranberries are to be fed to goats, it should be in moderation.

Can Goats Eat Cranberry Leaves?

Yes! Cranberry leaves are actually safe to be given to goats as they are no side effects to it. In spite of this, mixing them with other suitable foods for goats such as hay would be a nice combination.

Final Words

Cranberries are nutritious food which are known to benefits its consumers. Feeding them to goats is a nice development however, moderation should be considered during consumption by goats.

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