Chicken Closed Eye: Causes, Treatment. All you should know

Having a chicken with swollen eyes could be quite worrisome and is one of the things you are expected to experience when raising poultry. Swollen eyes in chicken could be caused by several factors and might turn out worse if it isn’t treated.

Poultry animals are quite exposed to lots of dangers as there are contagious diseases which you must be on the lookout for.

Upon discovery of such illnesses or disease in chickens, proper measures should be considered so as to avoid unforeseen problem. Since a lot of questions have been asked regarding chicken and coryza, we have taken our time in explaining about the infectious coryza, how it can be tackled and other safety measures as well as provide answers to frequently asked questions.

Chicken Closed Eye, Causes, Treatment

Injuries involving the eyes in chicken could be worse than you might imagine. Close eye infection in chicken is mostly caused by coryza, and infection which is known to affect birds and would later be explained in this article.

You might have seen something of such kind in poultry animals and you would probably wonder what the cause might be. Infectious coryza can be treated by the owner of the chicken if the proper treatments are administered frequently nonetheless, it is advisable to reach out for the services of a veterinary doctor to treat the infection quickly.

What Causes Closed Eye In Chicken?

You might possibly think that your chicken was involved in some sort of minor incident or was probably maimed by an intruder however, you might be actually wrong as there is another cause of closed eye in chicken which is mostly known to be Coryza.

Coryza is a transmissible disease which can be detected by close observation and display of symptoms. The disease affects the respiratory system of the chicken as well as display several symptoms which are quite obvious. The disease is usually caused by the presence of bacterium Avibacterium paragalinarum.

The infectious coryza can be transmitted via contaminated water, interaction among chickens and droplets. This disease can be treated cured but the most important factor about its treatment is to start administering treatment to chickens with coryza immediately it is diagnosed with her disease.

What To Do If My Chicken Has An Eye Infection?

Since the chicken has been already infected, there would be no need to panic as the most important factor is to seek a solution to tackle the infection. Eye infection in chicken could be caused by certain illnesses of different kind.

A case of eye infection /swell could be as result of the infection or an accident. If your chicken is infected with coryza, you should provide the required treatment for them either by purchasing recommended treatment or by visiting a veterinary doctor.

If the chicken is injured, and eye drop /saline solution could be used for its eye. However, it would be quite important to know the cause of eye infection before administering treatments.

What Does Coryza Look Like?

Coryza could look like a lot of things as there are several symptoms that chicken display if they are infected with the disease. They could display a lot of abnormalities which include :

  • Foul- smell: This is one of the signs of the infectious coryza which you need to be on the lookout for. Researches proves that chickens infected with coryza are known to emit a strong odor.
  • Eyelid swelling /Closure of eyes : This is quite easy to detect in chickens as it is one of the the symptoms of coryza in chicken.
  • Facial – swelling : Another symptoms of the infectious coryza is swelling around the facial areas of the chicken.

Other symptoms of the infectious coryza in chicken include weakness of chicken, decreased production of eggs and wheezing.

How Long Does It Take To Cure Coryza?

Not as long as you might imagine. When a chicken is diagnosed of infectious coryza and the recommended treatments are administered properly, it might take 10-14 days for the illness to be cured off its system.

Furthermore, if the infectious coryza is a secondary infection, it could take months to cure it totally however, the duration may differ due to the effectiveness of the drugs administered.

Can I Use Eye Drops On My Chicken?

Yes of course! Recommended eye drops can be used in treating eye infection in chicken. If the eye drops you intend on using is recommended for chicken infection, you can go ahead to use them as some eye drops might contain chemicals that might not be suitable for the eyes.

Eye drops manufactured by Curicyn are highly recommended as they can be used for dogs, goats, chicken and cats. Curicyn eye drop is known to treat infection in animals and can be purchased for $15.99. So yes, recommend eye drops can be used in curing eye infections in chicken.

How Do You Treat Coryza In Chicken?

Treating the infectious coryza in chickens might not be an easy task as it requires lots of medical attention before they can be cured.

Researches proves that multiple chickens have passed away due to late treatment of the infectious coryza which is why it is quite important to treat Coryza in chicken once you notice its symptoms.

The recommended way to treat Coryza in a chicken is by taking it to a veterinary doctor. The vertinary doctor is the perfect solution. Furthermore, most individuals might feel they can handle the treatment themselves which is why we compiled certain drugs that could be used in treating coryza in chickens.

Below are recommended anti – microbials you can opt for in fighting the infectious coryza in chickens.

  • Erythromycin
  • Streptomycin
  • Fluoroquinolones
  • dihydrostreptomycin
  • Tylosin.

Can You Put Neosporin in Chicken Eyes?

Yes you can. Neosporin can be a perfect treatment to apply on a chicken infected eye. If you notice any form of swelling in the eyes of your chicken, you can opt for Neosporin, provided they don’t contain any form of painkiller in them. They could serve as a great form of treatment of treatment to infections.

How Do You Make Saline Solution For Chicken Eyes?

Saline solution has been a proven way by which you can treat injuries in humans /animals. Over the years, it has been proven that saline solution has been helpful in managing injuries and most important factor about this is that you can effortlessly make one yourself.

Below is a detailed guideline on how to prepare the saline solution.

  • Get an airtight container as well as 2 tablespoons of salt (non – iodized) and at least 3 cups of boiled water.
  • Make sure your hands are washed and the container is clean, mix the salt with the boiled water and stir until the salt is absolutely dissolved.
  • Allow the mixture to cool.
  • Your salt saline is ready for use.

How Do You Get Rid Of Eye Infection Naturally?

Eye infection in chicken can be gotten rid off by utilizing cotton wool /gauze pads to carefully clean the eyes of the infected chicken with a salt-saline solution or any other sort of harmless antiseptic.


The infectious coryza in chickens can be dangerous to their health which is why proper medication need to be administered frequently so as to tackle it.

Following the guidelines pointed out in this article, you won’t find it difficult in handling such issue.

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