Why do domestic pigs have curly tails?

Pigs are undoubtedly one of the commonest domestic animals on earth. They are known for their meaty flesh and delicious and oily pork meat. They aren’t just about the meat, there has been an increasing population of pig decoration and pet pigs in recent times.

As a result, many people are now eager to know more about the creatures. They keep asking questions about pig’s curly tails, their significance and importance, and the reasons why most domestic pigs have curly tails.

Kindly pay attention to every piece of information contained in this post as we are going to discuss everything you should know domestic pig’s curly tail, including its importance.

Why Do Domestic Pigs Have Curly Tails (Four Things To Know)

Here are the five things you must know if you are wondering why domestic pigs have curly tails or the factors responsible for this feature.

1. Domestic Pigs With Curly Originate From China: It is believed that domestic pigs with curly tails originate from the pigs bred in the Asian country many years back.



Many Chinese pigs have the attributes before they were exported to different countries of the world. However, not all Chinese pigs have curly tails. Some Wild breeds from China feature only short and straight tails.

2. Curly Tail Was An Accidental Trait That Occurred Via Pig Fighting: Though it eventually becomes one of the most fancied traits, the curly trait began as an accidental trait and wasn’t seen in all pigs.

It is believed that a curly tail isn’t a trait developed by Chinese farmers. Instead, it was developed by pigs involved in fighting competitions. The pigs ended up having the attributes as a result of too many punches or hits from opponents.

Chinese farmers liked the accidental feature so much that they purposefully bred the qualities into their pigs. So, they gave birth to offspring with natural curly tails and the trait continues to multiply in domestic pigs until it becomes what it is today.

3. Not All Pigs With Curly Tails Comes From China: Though a large percentage of pigs with curly tails are from China, some breeds share no ties with the Asian country whatsoever. For instance, the Large White Pig breed has curly tails but they are from the United Kingdom (Yorkshire precisely)

4. Curly Tails Serve As Source Of Protection: Another fairy tale or the mystery of a curly tail is that it prevents pigs from biting each other’s tails. It is said that the tail somewhat sends a ‘stay-off’ message to other pigs looking for what to bite. According to best farm animal, pigs seldom bite their counterpart with curly tails.



As much as the postulates and theories highlighted above appear to be true, some should be subjected to further findings and research to know if they are true or not.

Do Pigs Have Naturally Curly Tails?

It’s rare to find a pig with a natural curly tail unless it has grandparents with such attributes. As mentioned earlier, not all domestic pigs have natural curly tails; many are born with a short and straight tail.

In a nutshell, pigs only have natural curly tails if they are born to a parent with a curly tail.

When Does A Pig’s Tail Curl?

A few pigs have curly tails right from birth if they are produced by pigs of the same quality or characteristic. In this case, it is more like a trait transferred from parents to their offspring, or from one generation to the next generation.

However, based on one of the facts mentioned above, some pigs develop the curly attribute after engaging in some pig fighting sessions.

Are Pigs Born With Curly Tails

Yes, some pigs are born with curly tails if their mother or lineage has such attributes and characteristics.

A sow (female) or boar (male) pig with a curly tail has a huge chance of giving birth to one offspring with the same feature.

What Is The Purpose Of A Pig’s Tail?

A tail is important to the pig’s welfare as it serves as the structure and part of the body serving as a pain response. It helps to chase insects away from the pig, and it equally provides a clear hint on the pig’s health and medical condition in a given period.

How Do You Make A Pig’s Tail Straight?

It is quite easy to straighten a pig’s curly tail; all you need to do is place your index finger on its back and slide it down towards the tail region. Repeat the process until your piglet’s tail is straight and attractive.

Can Pig Tails Be Cut Off And Why Are Pig’s Tails Cut Off?

Yes, you can cut your pig tail. It is called tail-docking. Tail-docking is the process of cutting a piglet’s tail when it is three or four days old.

It is done to prevent a pig from biting its tail to ensure good and sound health. Tails are also cut-off to prevent bacterial infections and other health challenges caused by a tail bite.


Apart from helping you observe changes in your pig’s health, a curly tail also adds more beauty and class to your pig.

You can add the attribute to your pigs by crossbreeding process. Get a boar with a curly tail and ensure it mates with two or three pigs from your farm. You can rest assured that one will give birth to a piglet with the lovely attribute.

However, having pigs with curly tails isn’t a do-or-die affair. Don’t be desperate in your quest to breed the attributes in your pigs. Be content with what you have if your chances are slim.




Why Do Pigs Have Curly Tails? Everything You Need To Know About Pig’s Tails

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