Do Goats Bleed When In Heat?

Its abnormal for Goats to bleed while on heat. Bleeding might be a sign of abortion, wound, tumor or some other causes such as infection which we will discuss later on in this article.

If you discover that your goat is bleeding you shouldn’t be looking at one area, because there are are actually several possible reasons why your goat (female goat) is bleeding.

One of the very possible reasons why your female goat is bleeding could be because your goat is in heat. This condition could at times make your goat to involuntary pass out bloody discharge.

Apart from being on heat, there are other factors that could make your female goat experience bleeding. An abdominal condition, could be another factor or possible reason. This condition could be as a result of a tumor or an uterine infection.

Apart from infection which is the most likely reason when your goat is not on heat; it could be that your goat is suffering from an internal injury, so it is best you take your time to look into everything we have listed here and also don’t fail to contact a veterinarian because they are in the best position to provide you with possible reasons and also treatment plan to help safe the situation.

Why is my female goat bleeding?

It is very rare for goat to bleed while they are on heat. This don’t happen all the time but certain causes such as lochia, postpartum metritis, abortion, lacera- tions of the uterus or cervix following dystocia, neoplasia and fibromatosis of the vagina could be responsible for this bleeding.


It is best you take the goat to the vet to check properly what is the actual cause of the bleeding as a quick action will save the life of your goat.

If your goat has been eating something that she shouldn’t have, then this could cause her to bleed from her uterus. Once you notice blood coming out of your goat’s vulva, then you should take her to the vet immediately. You may want to bring along some pictures of what you think might have caused the bleeding.

If you  know what caused the bleeding, then you can try to treat it yourself at home with the right medication after proper diagnosing the root causes of the bleeding.

If these treatments fail, then you can take your goat to the vet. They will likely give her antibiotics and pain medication.

Why does my goat have bloody discharge

Bloody discharge from your female goat could be of several reasons.

Some of the reasons include infection, lochia,abortion, postpartum metritis,lacera- tions of the uterus or cervix, reproductive issues or an injury.

To determine the primary causes of this bleeding, it is highly recommended you get in touch with an experienced veterinary practitioner.

On your part, you are expected to care for your goat, providing the necessary nutrition untill appropriate treatment commence.

More also you should understand that Goats are herbivores that eat grass and other vegetation. They can get sick from eating things they shouldn’t normally eat, like poison ivy, thistle, nettles, etc. This type of sickness is called scours.

Scouring happens when your goat eats something that irritates its digestive tract.

When this happens, the goat’s body produces mucus to protect its stomach lining. If the goat continues to eat these types of foods, the mucus becomes thick and sticky. This causes diarrhea and sometimes blood. Goats can also get scours from drinking too much water.

Does goat bleed when on heat?

Yes some goat do bleed while on heat but this could be a health condition that needs urgent attention and its typical signs of anestrus. You might ask what is anestrus? Well anestrus is a kind of condition in which your goat doesn’t seems to be on heat when looking at the goat and also at the same time your goat is finding it difficult to conceive. So you see this is a condition that shouldn’t be there but might be as a result of any of the following:

  • nutritional deficiencies,
  • hormonal imbalances,
  • and certain diseases.

If your goat is bleeding while on heat and you suspect it to be connected to anestrus then it is best you quickly consult a veterinarian.

How can I tell if my goat is in heat?

There is every possibility that Your goat is in heat if there is :

  • If you noticed an Increased vocalization and at also if there is an increase in restlessness.
  • Another way to tell if your goat is in heat is when you noticed Swelling and reddening of the vulva.
  • More also if there is an Increased interest in mating, this usually has to do with standing still and by extension your female goat allowing a male goat to mount on her.
  • One way i easily tell if my goat is on heat is whenever i noticed my goat is Producing a clear, stretchy discharge from the vulva, then i will conclude she is on heat.

In summary :
When a female goat is in heat, she will begin to show her sexual characteristics and may even try to mount a male. If this happens, she is ready to breed. Also, she may become restless, nervous, aggressive, and/or vocal. Her tail will wag faster than normal, and she may lick herself excessively.

You can determine whether your goat is in heat by looking at his behavior. If he seems restless and agitated, he is probably in heat. If he has a thick coat of hair around his genitals, he is likely in heat.

To check if your goat is in heat, touch him between the legs. If he is hot, you will feel his scrotum against your hand. If he is cold, you won’t feel anything. If you want to know how long your goat is in heat before breeding, you need to wait until he has been in heat for about three days.

Note: all goat don’t have or display same signs as every goat has different behaviour that are unique to their behaviour. But if you suspect your goat is on heat but you can not pinpoint or you want to clearer explanation, then you need to consult an expert to help you. Mostly a veterinary practitioner.

At what age do female goats go into heat?

The age at which goats go into heat varies from breed to breed. Some breeds of goats can start coming into heat as early as 4 months old, while other breeds may not reach puberty until they are 12 months old. In general, most female goats will start coming into heat at 6-8 months old.

How often does a goat come into heat?

Goats are a type of animal that stays in heat for about three weeks. The goats will typically show signs of being in heat by bleating loudly, licking their genitals, and urinating frequently.

Goats have an estrus cycle that lasts from 14 to 16 days. They will typically go into heat for about 24 hours, and during this time they are receptive to mating. When a female goat is in heat, she will release pheromones that attract male goats.

How early can goats go into heat?

The general answer to this question is that most female goats enter their first estrus cycle at two years of age. A doe’s season typically lasts 21 days, with each day designated as either “in” or “out.” They could be out for three weeks before coming back in.

How long do goats stay in heat?

A goat is typically in heat for three to four days. If a doe has not been bred, she will go back into heat every 21 days or so until she becomes pregnant.

In most cases, goats go into heat for around 12 hours and will come out of it naturally. However, if the doe is pregnant or lactating, her cycle can be delayed by a few days or weeks.

Many different factors can determine the length of time a goat is in heat. The age and size of the animal, as well as what season it is, all play a factor in how long it will stay fertile.

Do goats have periods?

Yes! Goats do have periods just like humans. They are called estrous cycles. This cycle is triggered by hormones produced by the ovaries. These hormones cause the lining of the uterus to thicken and swell.

The cervix then opens, allowing sperm to enter. If fertilization occurs, the lining of the uterus breaks down and the endometrium sheds. This causes the goat to become sexually receptive again.

Do goats have discharge when in heat?

A typical female goat that is healthy will have discharge while on heat. This is expected of them just like other mammals do,thus this condition or state is called estrus.

This discharge could be of different colours, it could be very clear or at times it could be cloudy and sometimes the goat might vulva might be swelling.

However, not all goats will show visible signs of estrus and it is not always a reliable indicator of breeding readiness. It is best to consult a veterinarian or a goat breeding expert to determine if a goat is in heat.


A healthy goat won’t have blood coming from its nose, mouth, or vulva. If your goat has blood coming from these areas, it could mean that he/she is suffering from bloat (a condition where gas builds up in the rumen). Bloating can lead to diarrhea and even death if left untreated.

You must treat the bleeding immediately. Once the bleeding stops, then you can continue to monitor your goat closely. If you notice any changes in her behavior, then you should contact your veterinarian again.


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