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Does Paracetamol Kill Foxes? 13 ways To Keep foxes Away

by Robert Blaylock


Most persons don’t fancy the idea of harboring foxes living around them and might be seeking a way to eliminate them completely. Certain laws in some countries provide bill which covers these exotic animals such as foxes and I bet you wouldn’t want to breach the law.

Does Paracetamol Kill Foxes? 13 ways To Keep foxes Away

Since we are more concerned about residents in the UK, we have successfully created an article which can guide you on how to deal with foxes as well as repel them.


Does Paracetamol Kill Foxes?

Do you know that Paracetamol which is a pain reliever medication to humans could be dangerous and lethal to many animals out there? Yes Paracetamol can be harmful to foxes and can possibly kill foxes if ingested in sufficient quantities.

Paracetamol has been known to be toxic to animals such as dogs, cats, foxes etc.

Yes it will, only if they are ingested in large quantity. Paracetamol contain chemicals which are quite harmful to animals if consumed in large quantity. Dogs react quickly to paracetamol if they are being administered to them and could die of poisoning if they are being fed to them in large quantity.

Although there is no evidence that suggest that Paracetamol could kill a foxe instantly but the possibility of Paracetamol causing harm to Foxes can’t be ruled out.

It is a known fact that Paracetamol has the ability to cause considerable damage to the liver and also blood cells of animals such as foxes. When Paracetamol accumulate in their body, it won’t kill them instantly rather this can lead them dying slowly and also a painful death.

Foxes on the other hand can react negatively to paracetamol poisoning. If a fox ingest over 400mg tablets of paracetamol, they could harm their body system or poison them to death.

Basically, paracetamol are not prescribed for animals and could serve as great poison to them. In some countries, it is considered illegal to administer paracetamol as treatment to animals.

What Kills Foxes In The UK?

Several complaints have been lodged regarding the destruction foxes carry out on people farms/gardens and against pets. In reaction to this people affected have resorted utilizing control measures in the UK which involves fox poisoning.

There are a number of things that can kill foxes in the UK, including:

Disease: Foxes like any other animals are vulnerable to a wide range of diseases which can eventually kill them. foxes could suffer from parasitic mites also known as mange, other diseases that can affect Foxes are canine distemper, tuberculosis etc.

Road Accidents: Foxes are killed by cars that run over them while attempting to cross the road. This might happen during the day time, but it does frequently happen at night or when there is poor visibility.

Hunting: do you know that you can hunt Foxes legally in UK? yes with a gun and traps you can hunt without getting into trouble with the police thus reducing their population.

Natural Predators: Foxes are dangerous to small animals, on the other hand there are large animals and birds that kills foxes without much struggle.

Human Activity: humans deliberately kills Foxes by various means such as
poisoning, snaring, or trapping or any deliberate means out there.


There are certain toxins of which if ingested, they could take down foxes in the UK. Below are toxins that stand a great threat to foxes in the UK.

  • Sodium Fluoroacetate : Sodium Fluoroacetate is a poisonous toxin which is quite effective in poisonous foxes. It was among the first toxins which was recognized by the pest control board in the UK and it was Nicknamed ‘’ 1080’’. Sodium Fluoroacetate was proven to be very effective in keeping off wild dogs and foxes as it was poisonous to them but less poisonous to dogs.
  • PAPP : The PAPP Is an abbreviation for Para-amino-propionpheonne and is another toxic which is a perfect alternative used in keeping foxes away. The PAPP is proven to be highly poisonous to foxes as the 1080.

Can You Put Poison Down For Foxes?

Yes you can, only if the law in your country permits you to do such. Many people who are being affected by the damage foxes cause are undoubtedly seeking a way to put these foxes down. A lethal bait is a perfect way to poison and have been proven to be quite effective in poisoning foxes.

You can actually put a poison for foxes by utilizing the necessary requirements to take them out however, you might want to look up laws protecting exotic animals such as foxes around you.

Furthermore, poisoning foxes doesn’t seem to appear easy, it requires the right chemicals as well as carefulness to avoid poisoning non targets. Foxes can be poisoned with the 1080 as well as the PAPP but the 1080, for more effectiveness.

Does Foxes Hate Vinegar?

vinegar are known to be a stronger repellent to some pests because of it unpleasant odor and tastes, in fact you can repel ants, and some types of little insect using Vinegar but how effective is Vinegar on foxes?

Well most people believe that Vinegar could do the magic of driving foxes away but truth be told there is no well established or concrete evidence to back this claims or to suggest that foxes will run away from Vinegar.

According to;

White vinegar has been proven to be effective in keeping foxes away as the strong smell puts them off from a far distance. Furthermore, if you wish to rely on white vinegar in keeping foxes away, you might want to know how to apply them for absolute efficacy.

White vinegar can be sprayed around your garden or the fences of the garden. They can also be kept in deep bowls close your farm /garden in order to keep them away.

Does Bleach Keep Foxes Away?

Though There has been cases where people used Bleach to scar foxes away, this forms the common belief that Bleach keep foxes away. There is still little scientific evidence that shows how effective it is because there are still cases where bleach has failed totally in deterring foxes.

Whatever you are doing with Bleach, you ought to be careful because it could be corrosive, it could become harmful to not only wildlife but also to the natural environment. So care must be taken when handling it.

Instead of attempting to scare away Foxes with bleach, you can makes use of noise deterrents, sprinklers or try installing motion-activated lights. Another way is to make use of noise deterrents.

Lastly please don’t forget to secure your tash cans because they are usually attracted to foxes, your pet food should be secured or kept onside.

Does Human Urine Deter Foxes?

There have been many claims all over the Internet that human urine, Vinegar, ammonia and even household cleaning substance can deter Foxes but remember that as many people are claiming or reporting success in these, there is no scientific proven evidence that supports all these claims.

If you are looking for long term deterrent then certainly you shouldn’t count on any of these because foxes will get use to them with time and it won’t have any effect on them.

What you should do to protect your pets is to ensure that there is physical barriers and also any stuff that attract them should be kept off.

Do Foxes Like Anti – Freeze?

No, it repels them. Anti – freeze is actually poisonous to foxes and can kill them upon consumption of food poisoned with Anti-freeze. Anti – freeze can be referred to an addictive which is known to reduce the total freezing point of a liquid. Anti – freeze is highly poisonous to foxes as they can be poisoned by consuming them.

Anti-freeze have been proven to kill foxes by causing kidney failure which actually leads to their death. Individuals who poison foxes with Antifreeze do so by hiding them in food /beverages or mixing them with appetizing foods which would likely attract foxes. In certain countries, feeding Anti-freeze to foxes can be illegal.

Does Chili Powder Deter Foxes?

If you are trying to use chili as a fox deterrent, we are sad to tell you that it might not be effective.
Although, Most people claim that Chili Powder Deter Foxes but there is no clear evidence that shows it truly does. And also there is no evidence that any other spicy in same category are able to deter foxes.

Does Jeyes Fluid Keep Foxes Away?

Jeyes Fluid is simple just a brand of disinfectant, and we can safely call it a cleaning product. If you want to control the growth of bacteria and fungi then you can count on this product.

On the other hand because this product got some strong smell most people think it can repel foxes. But can Jeyes Fluid actually keep foxes away? Well there is no scientific evidence to that.

Does Mirror Scare Foxes?

There is no clear consensus on whether mirrors scare foxes. Although It is true that animals could be frightened when they see their reflection on the mirror, most especially if they are seeing their reflection for the first time.

Believe me foxes are very intelligent and will get use to this trick and it won’t work again if it has ever worked before. And with time they wil start enjoying seeing themselves on the reflection of mirrors as they will be unbothered.

Is It Legal To Kill Foxes In The UK?

Yes it is. You can actually kill a fox in the UK without having to fear about breaching the law. The UK law actually approves of its citizens to take down foxes upon sighting them however, there are certain laws attached to fox hunting in the UK and it will be quite important to know them.

Below are guidelines pointed out by the UK government which you can use in killing foxes.

  • Foxes can be killed with Ammunition in rural areas but not in public places.
  • Do not use dogs to hunt foxes rather, dogs can be used in trailing them.
  • The use of traps is equally approved as well as government approved repellant for foxes.

Are Foxes Protected By The Law?

Foxes are not protected by the law in any way since they are being termed as pests. Some countries permit its citizens to put them down if they trample on their garden /farms.

What Is The Best Repellant For Foxes?

You might be confused on the perfect and effective repellant that can be used in putting foxes away since a lot of toxins /chemicals seem to put them off.

Below are products you can use in keeping them away.

  • Volador Animal Repellant
  • Scoot 50g fox repellant.
  • Pestbye repellant.

How To Get Rid Of Foxes?

You can choose to kill any fox terrorizing your area or you could scare them away. To kill them, you can actually poison them using the sodium fluoroacetate (1080) or the anti-freeze. Mirrors and white vinegar could be used in putting them away.

What Do foxes Hate The Most?

It is believed that foxes don’t enjoy unexpected sounds, sudden movements and surprise appearances.

Final Words

Most individuals don’t buy the idea of keeping foxes as pets nor the idea of allowing them close to their residential property. Foxes could be quite lovable and fun to play with however, their presence around you or your property might not seem quite interesting as they can go off limits.
Foxes are pests and should be kept away from gardens and farms. The article is enriched with enough information to help you understand how to put them down or put them off.

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