Dosage Of Corid For Goats: All Questions explained

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Dosage Of Corid For Goats: All Questions explained

Corid is an effective remedy for Coccidiosis. It prevents the deadly disease from affecting animals’ productivity and overall health.

However, it’s one thing to have the medicine but another thing to know how to administer it for effective results. Hence, this article contains all the information you should know about CORID.Dosage Of Corid For Goats: All Questions explained


What does CORID treat?

CORID is a medication that cures and prevents the deadly coccidiosis caused by protozoa

Also known as Amprolium, Corid is an easy-to-use medication that will restore a goat’s health in a few hours.

How does CORID work? Well CORID simply works first by interfering with the metabolism of the protozoan by so doing CORID will quickly prevent this parasite from reproducing .

CORID exists in two forms. They include powder (20% Corid) and solution (9.6% Corid liquid). Meanwhile, we’ll show you the best ways to administer it later in this article.

How much Corid do you give a goat?

The amount of CORID to give a goat depends on the type of Corid, water quantity, and the goat’s weight.

For instance, a 10lb goat should take 2.50cc of Corid liquid or 1.1g of Corid powder. Hence, you must know your goat’s weight before administering CORID to avoid overdose.

The table below will help you know the amount of Corid your goat needs to return to a good medical condition.

Corid Dosage

(goat weight) 9.6% Corid liquid 20% Corid powder
pounds cc’s Grams
5 1.25 0.5
7 1.75 .8
10 2.50 1.1
12 3.00 1.3
15 3.75 1.6
17 4.25 1.9
20 5.00 2.2
22 5.50 2.4
25 6.25 2.7
27 6.75 2.9
30 7.50 3.3
32 7.75 3.4
35 8.75 3.8
37 9.25 4.0
40 10.00 4.4
42 10.50 4.6
45 11.25 4.9
47 11.75 5.1
50 12.50 5.5
52 13.00 5.7
55 13.75 6.0
57 14.25 6.2
60 15.00 6.5
62 15.50 6.8
65 16.25 7.1
67 16.75 7.3
70 17.50 7.6
72 18.00 7.9
75 18.75 8.2
77 19.25 8.4
80 20.00 8.7
82 20.50 8.9
85 21.25 9.3
87 21.75 9.5
90 22.50 9.8
92 23.00 10.0
95 23.75 10.4
97 24.25 10.6
100 25.00 10.9

Can you give Corid straight to goats?

No, you can’t give Corid straight to goats. You must mix it with water before giving your livestock. Hence, consult your vet for guidance on the best option for your goats.

How do you administer Corid?

The best way to administer the Corid drug involves mixing it with water before use. Note that 1 ml of Corid ® solution contains 96 mg of Amprolium. Hence, 1 fl oz is 29.57 ml, 1 fl Oz is 2 measuring tablespoons, 8 fl Oz is ½ pint (236.56 ml), and 16 fl oz is 1 pint (473.12 ml).

You can administer it as a treatment or a preventive measure. Meanwhile, below is a comprehensive guideline to use Corid for laudable results.

Corid in Drinking Water

Here’s one of the ways to administer the Corid drugs for high effectiveness. Add Corid to fresh water before giving it to the goat.

  • 5-Day Treatment Guideline

Add 16 fl oz of Corid ® 9.6% solution to 100 gals of fresh water before giving it to the goat.

As for the CORID 20% Soluble Powder, Add 4 Oz to 50 gallons of fresh water. One 10 Oz pack of powdered CORID is sufficient for 125 gallons of water.

Each goat will end up drinking 10 mg amprolium/kg (2.2 lb) body weight if he maintains the usual water intake.

Ensure that the goat doesn’t take water different from the mixture throughout the five-day treatment.

Don’t just focus on the infected goat because other livestock is in danger of being infected in the long run.

Therefore, ensure all your goats participate in the treatment to prevent coccidiosis outbreaks.

  • 21-Day Prevention guideline

Give your goats Corid as soon as you discover the symptoms of coccidiosis to prevent it from getting worse.

Add 8 fl oz of Corid ® 9.6% Solution to the 100 gals of water. Stir vigorously and mix the drug properly before giving the goats.

Add 4 oz of CORID 20% Soluble Powder to 100 gallons of water, or 10 oz to 250 gallons of water, depending on the number of goats to be treated.

It is believed that a goat of about 2.2 lb will take approximately 5 mg of amprolium if he maintains the usual water consumption rate. The solution must be the goat’s only source of water for 21 days for a better outcome.

Administered As A Drench

Below is a brief helpful tip on how to administer Corid as a drench.

  • 5-Day Treatment Guidelines:

Add 3 fl oz Corid ® 9.6% liquid to 1 pt of water and mix well. Alternatively, Add 3 Oz of CORID 20% SolublePowder to 1 qt (32 fl oz) of water.

Using a syringe, give 1 fl oz of the drench mixture to a goat of about 100 lb (45 kg).

This option ensures a dose will provide approximately 10 amprolium per (2.2 lb) goat weight.

Administer the CORID solution daily for 5 days to get the desired result. Meanwhile, you can store the Corid ® 9.6% drench solutions in a clean, closed, and labeled container for three days if you won’t use it daily.

  • 21-Day Prevention:

Mix 1½ fluid ounce of Corid ® 9.6% solution with 1 pt of water and stir well for a proper mixture.

Using a dose syringe, give 1 fl oz of the drench solution to goats with 100 lb (45 kg) body weight.

Reduce the solution quantity if your goat is lighter than 100 lb. Repeat the medication daily for 21 days to prevent all traces or symptoms of coccidiosis on your farm.

water proportioner

Add 10 ounces (1 pack) of powdered Corid to 1 gal of water (128 fluid ounces) see the image below for more understanding.

Do you have to mix Corid with water?

Yes. It’s important to mix Corid with water before administering it to your goat.Mixing the drug with water makes it more compatible with the goat’s digestive system and overall system.

Water equally speeds up the reaction rate, thereby ensuring that the drug works as soon as possible.

How much Corid do you put in water for goats?

The quantity of Corid you put in water depends on the number of infected goats, the goat’s weight, the CORID type, and the water quantity.

For instance, you need 3 Oz of CORID 20% Soluble Powder for 1 qt (32 fl oz) of water, while 1½ fluid ounce of Corid ® 9.6% liquid is sufficient for 1 pt of water.

The table above reveals the Corid and water quantity sufficient for your goats.

However, we advise you seek your vet’s advice on how Corid to put in water for your goats.

How long does it take Corid to work?

You should see changes in your goat’s health and countenance in 2-3 days of treatment because Corid doesn’t take long to work.

Though Coccidiosis can be deadly if not treated, it doesn’t resist medication or treatment for a long time.

Nonetheless, your ability to administer the Corid accurately is a significant determining factor. Ensure you get the prescription and mixture quite well for quick results.

In some cases, the goat’s immune system is another determining factor you must consider. Some goats react quickly to medication, while others take a longer time to process the healing process.

Can you give a goat too much CoridCorid dose for baby goats

No, you shouldn’t give baby goats too much Corid as it could affect their body system.

Like every other medication, too much of Corid is a drug abuse that would do more harm than good.

Again, consult the chart above for directions. It’s equally important to know your goat’s weight.

How much Corid to give a 5-pound goat

A 5-pound goat can take around 1.25 cc of Corid liquid or 0.5 g of Corid soluble powder for five consecutive days.

How much Corid do I need for a 10 pound goat?

A 10-pound goat needs around 2.50cc of 9.6% Corid liquid or 1.1 g of 20% Corid powder

How to prevent Coccidiosis In goats

It’s better to prevent an infection than to find remedies. The best ways to prevent a Coccidiosis outbreak include the following:

  • Ensure top-notch hygiene:

Coccidiosis is caused by protozoans that thrive in dirty environments. Oocytes spread rapidly in faeces, damp, and warm pens.

  • Keep the pen dry and neat always, and ensure proper bedding and adequate sunlight
  • Give them sufficient and healthy feeds
  • Ensuring a healthy diet is another way to prevent Coccidiosis from affecting your flock.
  • Give them healthy feeds in a clean and uncontaminated dish. This will help thembuild a strong immune system against infections.
  • Likewise, giving your goats coccidiostats like decoquinate, lasalocid, and monensin will protect them against the disease.
  • Give them clean and healthy water

Coccidiosis Symptoms

The common symptoms of coccidiosis include:

  • Weight loss
  • Anaemia
  • Untidy and unattractive coat
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Weakness.


Though Corid is a quality medication for coccidiosis, its efficiency depends on your ability to administer it accurately.

You shouldn’t have any problem curing or preventing the infection if you observe everything we mentioned on this page.

However, we advise keeping close attention to your flocks so you can detect any changes in their behaviour as soon as possible.

Ensure routine checks for your goats. It will help them maintain a healthy state.