Goat Can’t Stand But Eats and Drinks : 5 Questions Answered

Goats are social animals that should not only be active but also mobile; being able to move from place to place. But if you find your goat just sitting or laying on the floor and unable to stand on it legs though it could eat and drink, then there might be a problem. actually this might be a sign of injury or underlying health issue.

Some of the very possible reasons why your goat can’t stand could be that your goat has gotten a spinal injury or rather your goat has gotten one of its leg broken.
Apart from a spinal injury and a broken leg, there are still other causes that could make your goat sit down always ; this could be bacterial infection or viral infection. again nutritional deficiency can make a goat develop weak legs, making it difficult for it to stand.

If your goat can’t stand but still eats and drinks identifying the underlying causes will go a long way to help decide the best possible treatment plan to offer. this is why is important to call in a veterinarian as soon as possible for a thorough examination.

In the meantime, still do your best in providing the necessary care and support the goat needs and it’s a good thing that the goat is still eating and drinking, because they need energy and nutrients to support its recovery

Goat can’t stand on front legs

If your sweet adorable loving goat is unable to stand on its front legs, then there is a problem and this problem might be either from a neurological condition, injury or an illness.

Treatment options for your goat that is not able to stand on it front leg might be medication, physical therapy, or surgery.

All you have to do at this point untill you get in touch with your veterinarian, is to reduce the risk of your goat having pressure sore by helping the goat move around, by so doing the possibility of developing other complications is reduced.

Why is my goat losing control of his front legs?

here are possible reasons why your goat is losing control of it’s front legs :

There could be several reasons why your goat is losing control of his front legs. Some possible causes may include:

Injury: it might be that your goat has sustained an injury most especially in its front legs, this injury could be just a fracture or sprain, causing your goat to lose control of its front legs.

Neurological Disorders: Actually some neurological disorders can make your goat lose control of any of it legs. Some examples of such include the following :

  • spinal cord injuries,
  • polyneuritis,
  • degenerative myelopathy,

Nutritional Deficiencies: It is important you feed your goat with diet that contains proper nutrition, else your goat might end up developing a condition known as nutritional myopathy. this condition is not good at all because it can cause muscle weakness and loss of control in the legs of your goat.

Toxicity: Do you know that exposure to certain toxins or poisons might result to this unpleasant situation whereby your goat won’t be able to walk in it front leg.
some of this toxicity that can contribute to this situation are lead poisoning, botulism, and certain plant toxins.

How do you treat weakness in goats?

Treating weakness in goats depends on the underlying cause of the weakness. Here are some general guidelines:

Evaluate the goat: you cannot just start treatment without first evaluating the goat. so we advise you carefully evaluate the goat overall condition. Look for the following signs:

  • anemia,
  • dehydration,
  • injuries.

Provide supportive care: your goat need all support from you at this point in time. we advise you provide clean fresh water, fresh grass and quality feed and the goat should be kept in a warm and dry place. if the goat is unable to eat on it own, you can still help by feeding the goat.

Address any underlying health issues: Weakness in goats can be caused by a variety of health issues, such as parasite infestations, infections, and mineral deficiencies. If you suspect an underlying health issue, you should consult with a veterinarian to identify the problem and develop a treatment plan.

Administer medication: Depending on the cause of the weakness your goat is experiencing , always meet your veterinarian to prescribe the right medication and also adhere to the institution as regards dosages of the drugs that will help address the issues at hand.

Provide additional supplements:
we recommend that you provide additional supplements; this could be vitamins, minerals, or electrolytes. we understand that this will go a long way in helping your goat recover. which ever supplement you decide always consult with your veterinarian and follow his or follow guidance.

What vitamins should I give my weak goat?

goats require a balanced diet and this balance diet should as well meets all their nutritional needs, this include vitamins and minerals. not only that, they also need good quality hay or pasture, along with a specially formulated feed for goats. all this combine will help your goat bounce back to life.

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