Goat Pink Eye : 7 Question Answered

by Robert Blaylock


Pink eye in goat is an infection that affects goat’s eyes by causing inflammation of the eyelid, but this infection can still affect other ruminants.

when this infection affects a goat, it is known to spread to other goats within the herd through direct contact.

you might ask “how does this happens?” well, the Pink eye infection do spread when an infected goat rub their eyes against goats that are not yet infected.goat pink eye

another way this could spread, is when the infected goat continues to share feeding and water resources. This is why it is recommended you separate infected goats from those not infected to curb the spread of Pink eye infection.

you should also be mindful of contaminated objects like bedding, fences etc. because Pink eye infection are also known to spread through this means.



What causes pink eye in goats?

Pink eye also known as Infectious Bovine Keratoconjunctivitis (IBK), is an infection that is usually caused by bacterium (Moraxella bovis).

factors that increase the risk of pink eye in goats:

here are list of factors that can make this disease affects goat in the farm and also make it stay longer :

  • poor nutrition,
  • overcrowding,
  • exposure to bright sunlight
  • exposure to dust.
  • poor sanitation,
  • flies and pests: this are known to spread this infection.

How to prevent pink eye in goats:

To prevent pink eye in goats, first you have to learn how to maintain good sanitation practices. you have to be good in this aspect, ensuring that the environment is always clean.

Secondly, you have to ensure that your goat is getting all necessary nutrition.
And exposure to all factors that are responsible for the risks of this bacteria that causes pink eye in goats should be minimise.

When you suspect that your goat is infected with pink eye disease, it is best you isolate and commence treatment with recommended antibiotics and other medications. because timely treatment will go a long way in making sure that this infectious or the bacteria that causes this disease aren’t spread


what does pink eye look like in a goat

when your goat is infected with pink eye disease, the affected eye will have either pink or red discolouration. again The goat’s eye may also appear cloudy or hazy.

you might also see discharge or tearing from the infected eyes. all this are the symptoms of pink eye in goat.

There are some cases that the affected goat might blink or squint frequently, and may even keep the affected eye closed, all this are the symptoms of pink eyes disease.

How long does pink eye in goats last?goat pink eye

The duration of pink eye infection in goat depends on several factors. but in all, the severity of the infection depends on how long the infection has taken place before treatment commences and also the specific pathogen that causes this infection,

truth be told, these are the major factors that determine how fast pink eye in goat will last.

while mild cases won’t take much time ( usually a week or two) to get cleared off; goat with pink eye that are severe will definitely take longer than those with mild cases, at times it takes several weeks before they recover.

please note that there are cases where this problem might become chronic, that means the goat might leave with it and there are situations where the infection recur

Is pink eye contagious in goats

pink eyes in goat is very contagious. the bacteria that causes this pink eye in goats is known to spread from goat to goat via direct and indirect contact. please note that pink eye in goats are known to spread through herd via contaminated objects like feeders, water troughs, or fencing.

When you suspect that your goat is already infected It’s important you isolate the infected goat. before you start treatment

How quickly can you treat pink eye?

some of the common treatments involves the use of systemic antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs .

It is also necessary to provide adequate care for the goat during this period. for a faster recovery process, you can clean and disinfect the eye that is affected before applying recommended treatment.

Please remember that how quickly you can treat pink eye in goat depends on Prompt diagnosis and treatment as this will help reduce the spread and duration of the infection
Lastly, don’t forget to consult a veterinarian when you suspect this infection.

How do you prevent pink eye infection?

To prevent pink eye in goats, here are some measures that should be taken:

Keep the environment clean: you need to first keep the environment you house the goat very clean. Clean the living area regularly. After cleaning the environment, you should also ensure that the feed and water troughs are also cleaned. lastly you need to ensure that there is no any irritants or contaminants that could eventually cause eye infections.

Reduce dust: do you know that Excessive dust can easily cause irritation to your goat’s eyes? and this can possibly lead to an eye infection. so all we need you to do is to Keep the goat’s environment dust-free as this will help provide good ventilation. other things you can do to keep the environment ventilated is by removing manure regularly, and don’t forget to use appropriate bedding materials.

Quarantine new animals: Whenever you are introducing any new goat into a herd, it is best you quarantine the new goat. do this for at least two weeks then watch the goat. you can only introduce the new goat to the herd if only it is not carrying any diseases, such as the infectious pink eye disease.

Manage the herd: do you know that Keeping your goats stress levels low, can go a long way to increase the goat’s immune system and which help them defend and fight off infections . also, you should avoid overcrowding, more also you should provide enough feed and water.

Use insect control measures: Do you know that Insects such as flies and mosquitoes can spread pink eye among goats? yes they can, so is best you kill or control their population using insect repellents, traps etc

Practice good hygiene: there is every need you need to Wash your hands frequently and this has to be with soap and water or you can likewise make use of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Avoid touching your eyes with your hands.


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