Goats can’t stand on front legs

When goats can’t stand on front legs, struggle to eat, or their poop is runny, they may be sick. Knowing the symptoms and seeking medical help will prevent the illness from worsening or leading to death.

A goat’s balance can be affected by a variety of factors that can cause the front or back legs to be weak to carry it weight.


If it affects the front legs, which bear the majority of the goat’s weight, they usually have a difficult time recovering, especially because the underlying reason, poor bone or joint formation, is still there.

Goat can’t stand on front legs: what is the cause?

When your goat find it extremely difficult walking or even standing with its front leg then there is certainly a health challenge that has directly or indirectly affected it mobility.

Few of these health challenges that are capable of rendering a goat immobile is arthritis or a neurological disorder.

Again there are other possibilities that might be responsible for this health challenge such as injury. It is a known fact that if a goat sufferes from injury in it hooves or front leg it will have difficulties in standing or even walking.

Another possible reason why your goat is not standing or walking with it front legs might be as a result of your goat being overwaight or obese.

Any of those factors listed above are the areas you should look into if you notice that your goat is not walking with it front leg.

It is also important that you get in touch with an experienced veterinarian to further conduct a proper diagnosis and also provide necessary remedy to the issues.

What causes weak legs in goats?

There are several factors that can be responsible for weak legs in goats. This could be caused by congenital defects,injuries, nutritional deficiencies such as lack of vitamin E which causes White muscle disease (WMD);

Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis Syndrome (CAE) and White Muscle Disease (WMD) are two of the disorders involved. CAE is a virus that affects animals such as sheep and goats. Symptoms in baby goats include weakness in the back legs and a lack of appetite.

and sometimes the weak leg could be as a result of a genetic disorder like chondrodysplasia which are known to contribute to poorly formed joints and bones

How do you cure a weak goat

Before treating a weak goat or a goat that cannot work properly, you have to first diagnosed the disease or identify the potential causes ;

The method for curing a weak goat is determined by the underlying cause. If the limb has been fractured, strengthening the bone and administering a thiamine injection may be all that is required.

let’s take a look at some well known causes:

Parasites: anemia, malnutrition, and weakness etc are all caused by parasite which affects goat. Once this is diagnosed by a vet, the parasite can be flush out with the right dewormers.

Nutritional deficiencies: lack of diet that is rich with the right nutrition could make your goat become so weak. You should get a goat nutritionist to help you with the right combination of meals that won’t cause any nutritional deficiency.

Disease: diseases such as pneumonia, scours, and coccidiosis etc affect goats and also causes weakness. Goats with poor hygiene, poor diet could be affected with a variety of diseases and all this can as well lead to weakness in goat. An experienced veterinarian will easily diagnosed and give the right drug combination that will help the goat bounced back to good health.

Injury: injury suffered by your Goats in any of its leg can make your goat become weak. A goat with a broken leg ideally wont be able to work unless it’s healed.

Goat limping on front legs: causes and treatment

Goat limping on front legs can be caused by the following problems :

  • injury
  • infection
  • or disease

Some other causes that make your goat to limp are joint problems such as arthritis and there is a possibility that an overgrown hooves or even a cracked hooves can make your goat not to walk well.

Other areas you might be looking into is nutritional deficiencies which can often make goats incapable of walking. At times warm and parasite could be attributed to this issue

The solution to all this is to first identify the causes before deciding how to solve them or you should consult a veterinarian who should come in and determine which of these issues are responsible for your goat’s inability to walk and also prescribe the appropriate treatment.

What is the most common causes of lameness in goat

Lameness in goat are mostly caused by the following :

  • foot rot,
  • arthritis,
  • injuries,
  • congenital defects,
  • and hoof abscesses.
  • Diseases such as lymphadenitis

You might actually need a veterinarian to help identify the main causes.

How do you strengthen goat legs?

To strengthen a goat’s leg, first, you will need to hold the gold to ascertain where the pain is coming from. If the pain is on a particular leg and doesn’t go away after a few days, you can splint the leg and it will generally heal on its own.

Additionally, a tongue depressor padded with cotton can be used to construct a splint. Secure it using an elastic wrap down the rear of the leg. Wrap the tape around the hoof, above the pastern joint, and up the leg numerous times.


Goat rearing is a fantastic venture. Aside from that, they are a source of money because they produce meat and milk, their management is inexpensive. To stay healthy, goats require the proper amount of care.

Goats not standing on front legs can be triggered by a lot of factors. It is either that the goat hurt her feet or is affected by viral infections. The most common is the caprine arthritis encephalitis (CAE) virus.

Once you notice any unusual signs on your goats, you must treat the condition immediately. For a proper diagnosis and treatment, it is important to seek the services of a vet doctor.





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