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How Long Can a Deer Hang In 70 Degree Weather?

by Robert Blaylock


Hanging a deer at the range of 70 degrees is too warm for it, this will cause harmful bacteria to grow too quickly. You should hang the deer when the temperature is around 32 and 40 degrees.

However, the meat will quickly spoil if the temperature is too high. The answer to the question of how long a deer can hang in 70 degree temperatures is also somewhere between a few hours because the warmer the temperature the faster your meat get to spoil. Hence it won’t take up to 24 hours you will get a spoilt meat.Deer

Of course, everything solely depends on the deer’s specific conditions, such as its size and saturated fat. The deer can likely hang for few hours more or so if it is a healthy size and has a sufficient amount of fat.

regardless of the temperature, it’s ideal to process a deer as soon as possible when the temperature exceed 50 degree.


What’s The Warmest Temperature to Hang Deer Overnight?

When you want to hang your deer overnight you should consider the temperature first. The temperature will determine how long you should hang your Deer. Hence you could hang it outside in between 40 degree or at most 45.

Anything above 50 degree could leave you with a spoilt meat before day break because as soon as the heart stops pumping blood decomposition begins and warmer temperatures will just speed everything up. So when you decide to hang overnight just get a place cool enough to keep your meat fresh.

How Long Can You Let A Deer Hang?

There are some different points of view on how long you should allow a deer to hang. Some individuals think there is no definite period of time as long as the temperature is cool.

Others think that processing a deer too long can cause the meat to become rough and unpleasant and tasteless.

So the answer to how long should a deer be left hanging is quite simple. A Deer should ideally be prepared as soon as they are killed when the temperature is warmer. You should dissect, tan and debone the Deer as quickly as possible after already being killed.

If you can’t process the deer straight away, it’s crucial to take precautions to keep the venison refrigerated and prevent spoilage. It is better to hang the deer in a cool, shady area if you can’t process it instantly. To stop germs from growing, the temperature needs to be below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The deer should be prepared as soon as humanly possible if the temperature is well above 50/60 degrees Fahrenheit. The deer must also be protected from predators, pests, and other animals.

What Weather Condition Is Ideal To Hang Deers?

The temperature is a major factor in hanging a deer. For hanging recently slaughtered deer, a temperature range of 34 to 37/40 degrees is appropriate. These temperatures are just right to cool the meat while keeping it warm enough to encourage the growth of the necessary bacteria that aid in tenderizing the meat.

One of the misconceptions is that you should immediately process and freeze the deer meat. However, this is just plainly a bad idea. If you freeze your deer meat by hanging it outside. Let’s assume that it is below 34 degrees. The meat freezing technique will prevent the necessary bacteria from growing during the critical rigor mortis stage.

What Temperature Can Cause A Hanging Deer to Spoil?

If the temperature is warm above the desired limit the The faster the meat will get spoiled. A Deer will only remain fresh for one to two days above 40 degrees Fahrenheit before it begins to rot. Also, Deer meat may however, be kept for several months if it is below freezing. So, hanging it in a cool, dark spot is your best bet if you want to keep your deer fresh for as long as you want.

What Is The Best Temperature to Hang A Deer Overnight?

You should hang your deer at a temperature that is above frost but under 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Many people leave the deer to hang in their garages, but this is not the ideal situation given the pollutants, vermin, and temperature swings that can occur in such an uncontrolled setting.

Your deer will begin to rot if it is stored over 40 degrees, but it might become freezer burned if it is frozen below 28 degrees. It is ideal in these circumstances to have access to a large commercial freezer that can keep your deer fresh and at a steady temperature.

What Is The Right Temperature For Hanging Deer?

The location and length of time that you should hang the deer depend greatly on the temperature. There’s an “ideal temperature range” where the air is both warm enough to prevent meat from freezing and chilly enough to prevent bacterial development. Ideal temperature is between 34 and 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

Going much cooler than 34 will cause the meat to freeze and ruin the softness.

The weather during deer hunting season can vary greatly where in certain places from year to year there is frequent snowfall and temperatures below freezing at night.

If that occurs, hanging your deer in the garage or barn may be enough to protect it from the weather while it ages. Things change when the temperature rises toward 40 degrees. On the good side, the collagen degrades more quickly, cutting down on the necessary hang time.

However, if the temperature rises too high, let’s say above 45, you can quickly run the risk of rotting if the food is left out for too long. Your best option once it reaches above 40s is to hang it for 24 hours to get it over rigor mortis before processing it for the freezer.

It is significant to remember that we are discussing meat temperature here, not just air temperature, which is fantastic.

If you are hanging your deer for longer periods of time, it is more important to keep an eye on things by using a food thermometer, ideally a digital one.

Is It Possible To Skin My Deers In Woods?

As soon as your deer kill has been properly field dressed. The decision regarding whether or not to skin the deer which is removing its hide is now set before you.

As quickly as you have prepared the deer, you should skin it.

We’ll only briefly touch on the key advantage as it pertains to the deer meat cooling procedure. The meat will, however, be able to cool down once the deer skideerskinn removed swiftly.

This is advantageous if you’re game hunting in one of the warm deer hunting states or if you shot a young deer whose time to hang and age will be limited.

How Long Should I Hang a Deer Warm In Weather?

It’s best to hang a deer as soon as possible if the weather is warm. A deer should be hung at a temperature between 40 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Any higher and you run the danger of the meat getting spoiled.

Generally speaking, how long it takes you to get there depends on how warm it is. Normally, the deer cannot be left hanging for more than 24 hours, but in extremely warm weather conditions, it may need to be left hanging for 48 hours or longer.

In addition, you must exercise extra caution when processing your deer in warm weather to avoid the meat from deteriorating. You should only hang the deer for few hours if the temperature is above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Long Can My Deer Survive In 50 Degree Temperature?

If you’re wondering how long deer survive in 50-degree weather conditions, just know it depends on the deer. A deer can typically handle weather as low as -20 degrees Fahr.enheit; however, if the temperature exceeds 50 degrees, it gets uncomfortable and it begins to spoil.


To prevent the deer from spoiling, you should exercise extra caution if you intend to hang it in warm weather. To start with, pick a cool, shaded square where you can turn the deer and ensure you always keep it away from bacteria.

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