I Hate Fish: Why Do I Hate Fish?

by Robert Blaylock


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I Hate Fish: Why Do I Hate Fish?

Fish which is an aquatic animal with fins, backbone and gills is liked by a lot of people.

But you are not a lone if you are no fan of sea foods with fishy taste and don’t just like the smell of fish.

Some people find it very gross whether dead, alive or swimming for different reasons.

This is understandable and this is why this piece is here.I Hate Fish: Why Do I Hate Fish?

This article will be x-raying the reasons you might hate fish, why you might never liked seafood, what you should eat if you hate fish and if you can still live healthily without eating fish.


Why Do I Hate Fish?

Here are some of the reasons why you might hate fish:

The physical appearance

The sight of a fish might disgust you. Some look like wriggling oversized insects that can freak one out.

Mere sighting them can give one the creep. It will make you move away from them faster than you thought. Some fishes with weird shapes look scary

The smell

You would outrightly hate fish if you are sensitive to the smell of fish.

The smell can keep you permanently away from liking it. The stench from some fishes makes it difficult to avoid hating them

The texture

The feel of the fish might just be gross to you. This is mostly about the slightly slimy texture. You can hate it that way


You can hate fish if you are allergic to the contents that are present in fish

Why don’t I like to eat fish or seafood?

The fishy smell

This is one strong reason you might hate to eat fish, the smell might just be overpowering and disgusting.

This can make you easily throw up especially after eating. Some fish actually stink so it might be impossible to swallow it without a wave of nausea

Learned behavior

You need to check it might just be a learned behavior. The truth is that we sometimes unconsciously dislike or avoid eating what our family never liked to consumed.

If a member of a family we love to emulate like our parents hated fish, it is obvious we will follow suit, unless you chart your own course by liking your own thing.

So you might have just picked up the habit

Overcooked or poorly seasoned

A fish not well prepared is a great turn-off to eaters. Horribly prepared and poorly seasoned fish can make one hate to eat fish.

Fish not properly handled, prepared and served would make one to naturally hate eating fish in any form.

The fish is not fresh

You would always hate to eat fish if it isn’t fresh; any fish that doesn’t stay out of the water for more than 24 hours wouldn’t have that stinking smell.

Fresh fish is always the deal but anything outside this would always need one having a rethink if to eat or not.

This might actually lead to food poisoning if not properly handled.

What should I eat if I hate fish?

If you do not like fish you can still get your dose of omega-3 fatty acids which is one of the outstanding nutrients from fish.

The best bet is to go the route of plant-based alternatives to get enough nutrients which fish offers. These nutrients include zinc, potassium, phosphorus, iodine and zinc.

The foods are:

Walnuts; you would get your dose of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and protein that you would derived from eating fish as well.

Soybean: you can’t go wrong eating soybeans in place of fish if you hate it. You would get nutrients like potassium, protein, vitamins and magnesium that fish offers

Flaxseeds; you hate fish then go for flaxseeds to get the same nutritional value just like the fish. The fact remains that you would get perfect dose of omega -3 fatty acids from this plant.

Eggs; this will be a perfect substitute for fish if you hate consuming it.

You know eggs are fortified with high doses of vitamins, protein, omega 3 fatty acid and lots more. You wouldn’t miss the nutrients from fish at all.

Cauliflower: Cauliflower will be a better alternative if you want to get the same nutrients that fish have got to offer.

Cauliflower comes with nutrients like potassium, fiber, omega-3 fatty acid magnesium etc. you would enjoy your meal and have same nutrients from fish from it.

Can you live healthy without fish?

Yes, you can live a very healthy life without eating fish. As earlier stated if you hate fish the best bet is moving to it alternatives as listed above.

You can get the same nutrients you derive from fish by consuming its substitutes.

Living healthily just needs one taking the right nutrients from different sources not from a specific source


If you are no fan of fish, you should know that you are not alone. You can move past it and go for its substitutes. There are other nutritional alternatives you can make do with to fill in the gap.

Robert Blaylock

My name is Robert Blaylock, a Veterinarian doctor who practise here in the US; I and my wife precilia manages this blog

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