Is playing with your dog considered a hobby?

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Playing With Your Dog

Dogs are active and social animals that take pleasure in socializing with their human friends and as such, they are reared as pets in most homes.

They love to play a lot when at their best which in turn keeps them healthy. Chasing balls, wrestling with you for their favorite toys,Playing With Your Dog

playing hide and seek games, sticks or frisbees, and so on are all great ways to keep your dog company while having a great time playing with them.

So playing with your dog count as a hobby and it is a hobby. You might ask “What is an hobby”? Well a hobby is just that activity or any activity that gives you joy while doing it, most especially in your free time. And, when you enjoy playing with your dog in your free time, certainly it is a hobby because it perfectly fit this definition.

We understand certainly, that most people, including I, find spending time with their pets like dog, to be not only enjoyable but also a relaxing way to unwind at the end of the day.

Playing with your dog is not just a hobby but also provide exercise that helps you keep fit and on the other hand strengthen the bond already existing between you and your pet dog.
if you are that kind of a person who loves spending enough time, going out with your pet dog and you see it or consider it fun and enjoyable activity, then certainly it is right to refer to playing with your dog as a hobby

So playing with your dog can be considered a hobby since it’s something you enjoy doing, it’s an activity they are always looking forward to.

They love mixing their games with fun which involves you taking part in those games. So playing with your dog is a hobby.

Another interesting part of a dog’s hobby is treat. Treat is also another way of playing with your dog because most dogs love to hunt for foods on their own.

Irrespective of where a dog is either on the street, in a not so save place, in a filthy environment, or even under your kitchen table, the smell of yummy particles always makes them go haywire with excitement.

So like humans, they also love treats which can be considered a hobby.

Is walking your dog a hobby?

Walking your dog can be considered a hobby just like playing with your dog although this depends on how you approach it.

If you are the type of person who enjoys spending time with your dog, visiting and exploring new areas while taking your dog on a walks, then certainly this is a hobby

Most times i do take my dog through certain routes and i enjoy it . More also i find it enjoyable participating  in dog walking events with my colleagues and their dogs and i believe that this is certainly a hobby.

But on the other hand if walking with your dog is not something you find enjoyable but rather it a chore, then it is not a hobby to you.
waking with your dog could be considered a hobby or not a hobby on several factors, first it depends on your interest and secondly it depends on your personal enjoyment.

So walking your dog is a hobby because of the fun embedded in the activities.

Dogs do not like to be caged or confined to a particular place when there’s a whole lot of interesting things to sniff, people to meet, and new places to explore while on the walk.

This isn’t new to most people who kept dogs as pets, no wonder your dog spring to the door at the whisper of the word “walk”.

Aside from the fun involved with walking your dog, there are numerous health benefits you particularly enjoy for walking your dog for few hours per week.

Regular walking improves cardiovascular fitness, lowers blood pressure, healthy and stronger muscles and bones, and reduced stress.

It’s also important for your dog’s health as well because it reduces its chances of obesity.

Obesity in pets has been associated with series of medical complaints such as osteoarthritis, cardiovascular diseases, liver disease, and insulin resistance.

However, walking a dog depends on its activeness, age, fitness, and breed. You need to walk some dogs at least once daily while some very active ones require more than that.

Walking a dog makes them happy and boosts their mental health as they get to smell different things and will be looking forward to spending more time with you which in turn results in a regular habit.

If a dog doesn’t have enough walking exercise, it tends to become bored and destructive.


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