Newborn Goat Not Standing :here are things you should know

by Robert Blaylock


there could be several reasons why your newborn baby goat is finding it difficult standing up. this article will try to explain everything in detail.

a newborn goat not standing, it could be a sign of weakness or health problems. Here are some possible reasons why a newborn goat may not be standing:

Weakness: Newborn goats when they are born lack adequate stamina to stand, one of the reasons is because they are born with weak legs and it will only take a few hours for the body to build up the needed strength to stand. But there are some time a new born baby goat might fail to stand and this can be attributed to weakness.

Hypothermia: Cold might be responsible for an example when the temperature drops down and the goat is cold with nothing offering it protection from the cold and its body temperature drops too low, there are chances that the goat may not be able to stand.

Dehydration: Dehydration made it to our list. we all know that water is important, water perform its own magic and when a baby goat lack access to fresh and clean water it could be dehydrated, all this might make the goat not having energy energy to stand.


Malnutrition: a goat that is malnourished will not be able to stand. the only solution here is for the goat to be having enough milk mostly from the mother but in the case where the mother is not available then the new born baby goat should be given replacement milk.

Injury: there are chances that goat might sustain injury during birth. so do your best and check if your goat is injured. Check for signs of injury . if present that might be the reason why your goat is not able to stand.

If the goat is not standing and you are concerned about its health, it is best to consult a veterinarian for advice.


How long does it take a newborn goat to stand?

naturally, baby goats, also known as kids or new born goat, should be able to stand on it legs within minutes after birth.

baby goat when delivered naturally have this strong instinct to stand up immediately they are delivered and they should quickly nurse from their mother at this time.


This means that their legs is expected to be strong enough to carry or support their weight at birth. But however, they might staggered due to lack of balance within the very few hours but with time, they should be able to balance well.

But if you are dealing with a premature goat, then the goat might not stand immediately rather it will take a little longer than non premature goat. so it is best you do your best to give the premature goat all necessary support at this point.

What causes weak legs in baby goats?

Weak legs in baby goats can be caused by various factors, including:

Nutritional deficiencies: when your baby goat lack necessary vitamins such as selenium and vitamin E they will find it difficult to stand. according to expert this could reduce their strength and ability to stand.

Birth trauma: it is very possible for baby goat to sustain injury or some kind of trauma mostly in their legs or other places during the birthing process. any of this could make the goat paralysed or have some kind of weakness in the leg.

Infection: Do you know that some kind of infections suffered by goats could cause weakness ? yes, diseases such as pneumonia, navel infections, sepsis etc can affect the goat ability to stand.

Congenital defects: Congenital defects often lead to weakness in goat. if a baby goat is born with congenital defects which could affect the skeletal or nervous system. there is every possibility that the baby goat might have weak legs

Environmental stress: environmental stress can attribute to several problems that could eventually lead to weak leg. some of this environmental stress are : overcrowding, Extreme temperatures and even poor sanitation. All this listed above can affects growth and development in baby goat.

What to do with a weak newborn baby goat?

If you suspect that a baby goat or a newborn baby goat is weak or unable to stand, there are several things you can do to help the baby goat.

First support to give , is to use a towel to wipe and dry the baby goat’s body just immediately after birth. you should clean the mouth and nose of the baby goat also to enable the goat breath easily.

There are at times where the new born baby goat body’s temperature will be cold after birth. it will be more beneficial if you can submerge it in a hot water bath so as to raise the body temperature up.

You must have heard of thiamine right? if your newborn baby goat is still weak, you might consider giving it thiamine injection which works to feed the brain and “wake it up” with this the new born baby goat will develop interest in eating.

If the baby goat still could not feed directly from the mother goat, then you could assist by first milking the mother goat then tube feed the baby goat.

Why is my baby goat falling over?

Is your baby goat falling over and don’t have the stamina to stand? is your baby goat having weak muscles?

Well this might be due to myotonia congenita which is a hereditary/genetic that affects the muscles of goat.

This disorder is often referred to as Thomsen’s disease, the muscles it affects are muscles that are used for movement which often becomes stiffen.

Other causes that might be attributed to this problem ( your goat falling over) might be one of the following:

  • Hypothermia,
  • hypoglycemia,
  • dehydration,
  • acidosis,
  • sepsis, and
  • diarrhea with acidosis and electrolyte changes .

You can consult with an expert to carefully check the actual problems and possible treatment plans.


Robert Blaylock

My name is Robert Blaylock, a Veterinarian doctor who practise here in the US; I and my wife precilia manages this blog