Can Goats Eat Cranberries? 12 Questions Explained

Cranberries are shrubs /fruits which are known to be good source of fiber as well as nutrients, for such reason, most individuals enjoy consuming them frequently due to the health benefits attached to them. Since they are considered as food for humans, animals are not exempted from the benefits they offer. Livestock raisers are considering … Read more

Goat poop scooper: Seven Important Questions Answered

Goats are one of the most untidy and dirtiest animals in the world; they poop and pee frequently, anyhow, and anywhere. They mess up their farm or stall almost all the time; hence, you need to clean your goat poop regularly to facilitate rapid growth, a healthy and conducive environment, and an ever-clean stall. Unfortunately, … Read more

Can a mother cat attack her kittens?

Yes, they can! A mother cat does not necessarily attack her babies but as humans too, they tend to carry out motherly roles by teaching the babies the rules of behaviour as they grow. It is called discipline. This may be done aggressively if the need arises so the kittens must learn to survive the … Read more

Can ducks fly as high as geese?

Though geese are heavy birds, yet, they can fly fast; over 30 miles per hour. Geese utilize their powerful wing beats to fly instead of gliding like vultures or eagles and it requires a large amount of energy. Geese’s exact flying altitude varies with breed. Generally, geese fly at a height of over 15,000 ft … Read more

Why Is My Goat Breathing Fast? 8 questions Answered

When a goat stops eating well, distances itself, or breathe rapidly, these are all signs that the goat is sick, and a veterinary doctor should be consulted. Is your goat breathing fast? In this article, you’ll learn what could have caused it.   When a goat separates itself and begins panting or breathing fast, it … Read more

Can Pigs eat Papaya Seeds? Facts

With the ever-increasing need to recycle and reduce waste, we can sometimes run out of ideas for recycling things like our foods.   Well, keep reading as we attempt to answer some of your questions about feeding fruits like Papaya, etc., to your pigs. Ready, set, let’s dive in. Can Pigs eat Papaya Seeds? During … Read more

Do Coyotes Hunt In The Rain?

Yes, coyotes can hunt in the rain. Actually nothing stops Coyotes from hunting when it is raining; Although Coyotes are known to be very active at night since they are nocturnal animals, this doesn’t stop them from hunting at any time and more also, Coyotes are opportunistic predators and they won’t fail to take any … Read more

Can rabbits eat Bok Choy?

Rabbit and feeding on Bok Choy Bok Choy otherwise known as Pok choi or Pak choi is a type of Chinese cabbage. It has varieties and has green leaf blades with lighter bulbous bottom. This leaf is popular in East Asia and southern china. Bok Choy is very healthy and is full of minerals, fiber, … Read more