Can Pigs eat Onions and Garlic? All explained

Categorically, pigs are omnivorous, which means they can consume both meat and vegetables, including onions and garlic. Can Pigs eat Onions? Many people believe or have stated that onions should not be fed to pigs due to the risk of tainting the meat. However, we must keep in mind that onions aren’t absolutely poisonous to … Read more

Can Goats Eat Cedar Trees

Goats can actually eat red ceder, most people consider ceder as a strong medicine that get rid of parasite , but one thing you should understand is that red Cedar though it is edible yet contains toxic oils which can harm your goat when eaten in large quantities. Red Cedar is also called Juniperus virginiana. … Read more

Is playing with your dog considered a hobby?

Dogs are active and social animals that take pleasure in socializing with their human friends and as such, they are reared as pets in most homes. They love to play a lot when at their best which in turn keeps them healthy. Chasing balls, wrestling with you for their favorite toys. So playing with your … Read more