how to put a rabbit to sleep at night

Putting a rabbit to sleep is a delicate and necessary task for owners. This ensures the well-being and comfort of our furry friends overnight. So, how can we do it properly? Create a peaceful environment in the rabbit’s sleeping area. Provide a cozy and quiet space where they feel safe. Add extra comfort by placing … Read more

Can Goats Eat Jalapeno Pepper?

alapenos are little spicy pepper used in many restaurants to enhance food taste and nutritional benefits. Though many chefs and nutritionists add it to their meals, many goats’ owners aren’t sure if it is safe for their livestock. They keep asking questions like “Is jalapeno pepper safe for goats? Can goats eat jalapeno pepper? Do … Read more

I Hate Eating Fish. Why Do I Hate Fish?

Fish which is an aquatic animal with fins, backbone and gills is liked by a lot of people. But you are not a lone if you are no fan of sea foods with fishy taste and don’t just like the smell of fish. Some people find it very gross whether dead, alive or swimming for … Read more

I Got My Puppy At 6 Weeks

A dog is a domestic animal described as the best friend of a man among all the animals. Dogs belong to the Animalia kingdom, Phylum, Chordata; Class, Mammalia; Order, Carnivora. A puppy Is a baby dog. A puppy records weight of about 1-1.5 kilogram, while bigger ones can weigh close to 7-11 kilograms. A healthy … Read more

Calming A Restless Baby Duck

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Why Won’t My Chicken Leave Their Coop?

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How Long Can A Goat Go Between Babies

How Long or how soon a goat also known as a doe can go between Babies depend on several factors such as the species of the goat you have, the age of the goat, the overall health and how well it is fed. Typically, a domestic goat that is well fed and managed can become … Read more

Why do domestic pigs have curly tails?

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Why do goats Chew their cud?

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My Chicken Won’t Stand Up! 5 Questions Answered

Chickens are hyperactive animals that love moving from one place to another searching for their daily food. Something is probably wrong with your chicken if it doesn’t stand up, move around, or if it remains at a spot all day. So, in this article, we will discuss everything you should be about chicken’s inability to … Read more