When Do Goats Start Producing Milk in Pregnancy

by Robert Blaylock


the exact time a goat will or should start producing milk while pregnant are influenced by various factors such as breed, individual health, and environmental conditions.

But normally , at the end stage or the last month of the pregnancy , a pregnant goat should start producing milk. it is expected that a pregnant goat’s mammary glands should be develop enough at this time to start producing sufficient colostrum which is a nutrient-rich, antibody-filled form of milk which is produced in the first few days after giving birth.

How long before birth does a goats milk come in?


Can a pregnant goat produce milk?

Yes, a pregnant goat can produce milk, and some pregnant goat do continue to produce milk all through the pregnancy stage.

it is important to note that the quantity of milk produced by a pregnant goat sometimes decreases as the pregnancy progresses although this does not happens in all goats


but most goats are likely to see a decrease in milk production simply because the goat’s body naturally concentrate all energy towards the growing and development of the fetus.

how to know if Nursing mom goat is producing enough milk

There are several ways to determine if a nursing mom goat is producing enough milk:

Observe the Kids: one of the most reliable and effective way i use to know if my nursing mom goat is producing enough milk for the babies is through proper observation of the baby goats to see if they are healthy, gaining enough weight and also growing and if everything tallies i will be rest assured that the mother goat is producing enough milk.

Milk Production: another way to know if your goat is producing enough milk for the babies is by milking the mother goat first. a goat that produces enough milk for the baby goats is likely to yield enough milk from each milking session

Udder Appearance: you should check the udder and if it is full and also firm then it is producing enough milk. on the other hand if it is deflated and also soft it tells that the doe is not producing enough milk.


Behavior: another sign that your nursing mom goat is producing enough milk for the babies is by being calm and content. but If it seems agitated, restless or distressed, then it simply tells that not enough milk is produced.

Body Condition: if your goat is producing enough milk then it will show in it body because a nursing goat should maintain a healthy body condition. but if it is the other way around She will appear overly thin or underweight.

What can I feed my goats to increase milk production?

There are several types of food that you can feed your goats to increase their milk production. Here are some options:

High-quality hay: Alfalfa hay which is very protein and calcium and other good-quality in such category are essential, so it is best you provide them for your goat because it increases milk production and also help your goat remain healthy.

Grains: do you know that grains helps increase or boost milk production? Corn, oats, and barley falls in this category and are good choice. while we recommend that you add grain to your goat menu it is important not to overfeed them with grains.

Protein-rich supplements: Adding protein-rich supplements might not be bad. we recommend that you add soybean meal or cottonseed meal which are rich protein supplements because this can help boost milk production.

Fresh greens: fresh greens should be made available all the time. you might ask, what type of greens should I give to my goat? Well you should fresh greens like clover, alfalfa, or dandelion. all this can also help increase milk production.

Clean water: your goat need fresh and clean water and it is necessary they have access to this water all time, you should do this to avoid dehydration which can cause a drastic decrease in milk production.

A nursing mom goat should meet the following criteria :

Milk production level: monitoring the amount of milk produced by your goat daily is necessary. for an example, a healthy goat should be producing around 2-3 liters of milk and this should be daily. but some factors like breed, age, health play a role here.

Body condition: You should also check your goat’s body condition regularly. A healthy goat should have a well-defined ribcage, but should not be overly skinny or overweight.

Feed intake: only goats that are well feed with right amount of quality feed will have an increase milk production. so ensure that your goat always has access to fresh and clean water alongside a well balanced diet.

Health: the overall health of a goat if in good shape is likely to support an increase level of milk produced A healthy goat is more likely to produce adequate milk. it is essential that your goat is up-to-date on all necessary vaccinations. not only that, you are also required to keep de worming the goat regularly.


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