Why do people think animal rescue is a hobby?

Animal rescue is an ideology that refers to any attempt at saving animals from abuse, cruelty, unfited conditions, or when they’re in danger.

This may be a law enforcement agency or individual trying to save an animal from death or stray and afterwards give the animal a better life.Why do people think animal rescue is a hobby?

The motive behind animal rescue is to protect the animal while providing it with a new bright life.

Why do people think animal rescue is a hobby?

Well, the reason behind this notion that animal rescue is a hobby is because people do it out of their own free will.

People rescue animals in danger or any unfavorable condition out of love for those animals.

They’re not being paid for the service but passion drives them to save those lives and so it becomes a hobby. It would be a difficult thing for someone who have love for animals to see them in danger and then pass by.

Do animals know when they’re being rescued?

Of course yes! You can’t just underestimate the intelligence of those creatures because they are very sensitive to their environment and situations that surround it. They obviously know when help arrives.

When they know that you are making an attempt to rescue them, they tend to appreciate your efforts and are never aggressive. I once watched a show where a vet went to help some caged dogs in distress.

There were many depressed dogs in the cage when one ran towards the vet the moment he opened the cage, instantly, others followed suit and at the end, he was able to rescue them all.

According to research,the only animal that isn’t smart enough to detect when rescue arrive is sheep

Why do people want to rescue dogs?

The primary motive for rescuing dogs is to save their lives. Any animal at all needs rescue to survive when in distress so life saving is the first priority.

Additionally, rescuing dogs not only change their lives but yours as well. Dogs have this mysterious ways of drawing your warm heart towards them with one look of their big brown eyes.

Keeping dogs around you keeps you healthy, active, and reduce stress. Dogs remind you of the need to exercise by taking a walk while meeting new people at the same time.

Do animals appreciate it when humans save their lives?

Absolutely! They feel and appreciate humans when help surfaces. They also have feelings although it may not be obvious like that of humans but trust me, they do appreciate it.

Thier ways of showing appreciation differs from humans. Take for instance, if you save a dog’s life, you will notice its way of showing gratitude is by licking your body or flying its tails, while some even coil up close to your legs.

Of course they can not say it out like thank you but their behavior towards you shows how grateful they are if only you take cognizance of it.

It may be their increased love for you that states the obvious. So animals do appreciate when humans save their lives.

Do sick animals know you’re trying to help them?

The fact that they also have feelings just like you do, they feel love, fear, joy, stress, anger, anxiety, and other feeling particular to humans makes them understand when you’re trying to help them when sickness comes.

Animals understand humans more than we can ever imagine, while you’re getting frustrated when administering drugs to them, they feel the love and the energy you’re putting into it so, sick animals know when you’re trying to keep them alive.

Like when a vet is giving them drip, they will feel relaxed taking the drip knowing fully well its for their safety.

All animals either wild or domestic have something in common which is feelings just like humans do.

Wild animals also face dangers in their jungle and that’s why they mostly run for help anywhere they perceive humans because they know humans have the capacity to save them.

Animal rescue is more than a hobby but deep passion for saving lives.

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