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Why Does My Chicken Sound Like a Duck

by Robert Blaylock


your chicken sounding like a duck might be attributed to a slight respiratory problems or rather something like a foreign object has gotten down the wrong pipe. Or something lodged in the airway.

which makes them very uncomfortable and can’t cough, so that is why they end up making a sneezing honking noise.

for the time being, you can carefully examine the chicken in question thoroughly again, you should open the mouth and while you have a good look to check if there is mucus, redness, masses or anything else that is not supposed to be there. if there is mucus build up; then apple cider vinegar will help, by adding 1 teaspoon per gallon of water.Why Does My Chicken Sound Like a Duck


is something lodging in the airway?

first, let’s assume that something is
lodging in the airway or a foreign material is in the gizzard. we recommend that you massage the fluid out, at the same time you should be careful that the chicken does not aspirate;

if you suspect that your chicken is having respiratory problems, it is best you call in a competent vet, who will run a solid and scientific diagnosis with aim of finding a safe and effective treatment for your chicken.


list of reasons why your chicken sound like a Duck

There could be a few different reasons why your chicken sounds like a duck, so let’s take our time to list them below:

Habit: there are situation whereby chicken could learn to make a sound like a chicken by just spending time with ducks. truth be told, some chicken are quick learner, like they can literally learn to make different vocalisations and this could be based on their environment.

Breed: the breed of your chicken could be the reason. like Some chicken breeds, just like the Ancona or the Campine, are known to have a higher-pitched, more quack-like vocalization than other breeds.

Do you have any of these breeds? if yes then it is possible that your chicken might make noise that sounds like a duck than a sound made by a typical chicken.

Illness or injury: If your chicken is sick or injured, it could start making different vocalisations that aren’t used to before. you might be surprised to hear the chickens sometimes make a more high-pitched or nasal sound and this happens when they are sick.


Stress: Chickens are prone to stress, like just a Change in their environment could stress them. they could become stressed for various reasons also like when they sense the presence of a predator. when they are faced with such a condition then you might find them making different vocalizations or sounding like a duck.

If you are concerned about your chicken’s vocalizations or behavior, it may be a good idea to consult with a veterinarian or a poultry expert to ensure that your chicken is healthy and happy.

Chicken noises and what they mean

Chickens communicate with each other using a range of sounds and gestures. Here are some of the most common chicken noises and what they mean:

Clucking: clucking is one sound often made by chicken, although this might not mean same thing especially when the tone and volume sounds differently. for an example, a soft clucking might just be a way that the chicken uses to say that it is content, on the other hand a loud, rapid clucking often mean that there is danger or rather a call for attention

Crowing: Male or roosters chicken are known to make this sound. this sounds simply send a signal of dominance over other rooster.

Squawking: This is a loud, high-pitched noise that chickens make when they are alarmed or in distress. It can be triggered by the presence of a predator, a sudden loud noise, or a threat to their food or water supply.

Purring: this is a vibrating sound that is not high but rather low, and it is signifies that the chicken is relaxed and content. so you hear chicken making this noise when they are either resting or being stroked.

Cackling: This is an excited noise that hens make after laying an egg and it is often loud. It is a way for mother chicken to announce their achievement to the flock and to attract the attention of the rooster.

What does a chicken with a respiratory infection sound like?

most chicken that has respiratory infection may make a wheezing, rattling, or gurgling sound most especially when they are breathing.

Chicken that experience this situation might have difficulty in breathing and might breath more rapidly due to the discomfort cause by the respiratory infection

Other symptoms you might see in chickens with respiratory infection are listed here :

  • coughing,
  • sneezing,
  • nasal discharge,
  • and lethargy.

If your chicken has any of this signs you should consult with a veterinarian for diagnosis and help.

What sound do chickens make when they are happy?

Although when a chicken is happy, it is not mandatory that they make a noise but there are some cases where by if chicken is happy you might find them making a purring or trilling sound and this show that they are content.

chicken can often times make soft clucking sounds or even a gentle cooing noise when they are content.


Robert Blaylock

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