Why Does My Goats Poop Look Like Dog Poop

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Why Does My Goats Poop Look Like Dog Poop

There has been many misconception about the health of goats over the years, one of it which includes that goats can eat anything and soo many others. The truth is that, this misconception has made us to believe that goats have stomachs that are capable of digesting anything without affecting their health negatively and that is not the case most times.

Normally, goats love to explore and eats whatever comes their way but that doesn’t mean that they should be allowed to do so. Goats have delicate digestive system which is usually easy to upset so they shouldn’t be allowed to eat anything that comes their way.

In this article we shall provide answers to some of the critical questions that is frequently asked about goats as well as give some tips that will help improve on the health of your goats.Why Does My Goats Poop Look Like Dog Poop


Why does my goats poop look like dog poop

One of the symptoms that your goat is unhealthy or may need some treatment is when there seems to be variations in their poop.

Normally, goat poop should be shaped evenly.

In some cases, goats poop looks like a dog poop – a very smooth log that is usually soft or what is better referred to as dog log,

When goat poop looks like dog poop, it can be as a result of an upset in the goat feed or a parasite.

If your goats are having this kind of poop, it could be the best time to take samples of it and have a fecal run of it to be sure if it is as a result of internal parasites.

Also you will need to check out the temperature of the goats that are having these poops to be sure it is not infections.

You can also consider checking the inside of the eye lids of your goats to see whether it is paler pink, if it is, then it can be a strong indication that your goats might be infected with parasitic worms.

What should goat poop look like?

The importance of checking your goats poop cannot be over emphasize. You need to consistently check your goat poop so as to keep in touch with how the health of your goat is.

A goat poop normally should consist of a hard, oval-shaped, solid pellets. Goat poop should be dark brown in colour and should not be clumped together, I.e, it should be separated.

Why does my goat have soft poop?

Goats poop are normally hard and not soft. If your goats poop are soft then they might be suffering from stomach diseases. When goats have stomach diseases they are certainly going to have poop that are very watery, soft and smelly.

There are many condition why goats poop will become very soft, some of this condition include paratyphoid, Johne’s disease, Rift Valley fever (Slenkdalkoors), coccidiosis, worms, poisonous plants and colibacillosis

What causes clumpy poop in goats

Clumpy poop in goats are caused by different factors such as eating too much, change in feed or rather a parasite load in the system. You need to be very sensitive to your goats poop because it is proportional to the state of their health.

You should also know what you allow your goats to eat and the quantity you allowed them to eat too. We shall consider some of the popular causes of clumpy poop in goats.

Clumpy poop in goats can be as a result of stress or travel. When goats are stressed out, they have the tendency to fill up themselves with whatever they can and often times, fresh wet green grass is attractive for goats to consume especially when they are very hungry.

Such situations can lead the goats to overeating and that can overload the bacteria in the digestive system which can eventually lead to clumpy poop.

Also, grain is another food that is very attractive to goats and may not be resistable to them. It can also be a great meal to make them cooperate which means that they can take an excess of it if they are allowed to do so.

However, like wet grass, excess of grain will overload the bacteria in your goats digestive system and that can result to clumpy poop in goats.

More so, changing the type of milk your baby goats drinks can upset their stomach and cause their poop to be clumpy.

Why do goats have spherical poop?

Goats have large rumen and reticulum that is proportional to their body weight. It takes about three days for them to completely digest whatever they eat. They have a very long intenstine where the digests movement is very slow which comprse mainly of peristalsis and segmentation.

All the water and nutrients are virtually squezed out by the segmentation so that the materiala excreted is reduced in the form of spherical poop.

Why is my baby goats poop runny and yellow?

Goats poop are normally dark brown. Yellow and runny poop usually occurs in baby goats and can be as a result of many conditions such as overindulging on milk, commonly known as milk scours. More so, runny and yellow goat poop can be caused when goats over eat too much of milk

Again, eating too much of grass can overload the bacterias in the digestive system of the goats and can lead to runny and yellow poop.

Is your Goat suffering from diarrhea? Then you should know that Coccidiosis is the most common cause of this condition mostly when the goat is between 3 weeks and 5 months of age

What is coccidiosis in goats?

Coccidiosis is a disease caused by coccidian infection. coccidiosis in goats is mainly caused by several Eimeria species of the parasitic protozoa of the genus Coccidia. The transmission of coccidiosis in goats occurs when in feces the infected goats shed the organisms, leading to contaminated water or feed.

All goats that are matured are infected with little quantity of coccidial but show no visible traces of the diseases due to their strong immunity.

Coccidiosis in goats occurs when kids that aren’t immune to the disease consumes large quantities of coccidial from the contaminated environment or other source of infections such as contaminated bedding and several others.