Why Is My Goat Breathing Fast? 8 questions Answered

When a goat stops eating well, distances itself, or breathe rapidly, these are all signs that the goat is sick, and a veterinary doctor should be consulted. Is your goat breathing fast? In this article, you’ll learn what could have caused it.


When a goat separates itself and begins panting or breathing fast, it is a sign that something is wrong and that the goat requires immediate treatment. You’ll also, notice a significant change in eating patterns, as well as other bodily indications.

Why is my goat breathing fast?

Your goat could be breathing fast because of several reasons and untill you identify what makes your goat breath faster than normal you won’t be able to treat the root causes.

Some of the possible causes or reasons that makes goat breath faster than usual are listed below:

  • stress
  • anxiety,
  • pain,
  • infection,
  • pneumonia,
  • heart or lung disease,
  • overheating.

You should know that Goats often use panting or rapid breathing as a way of cooling off when the weather is hot. So a healthy goat can breath fast when heat changes, simply because they are having a rough time with the weather.

This is because some goats are actually sensitive to extreme weather changes, transitioning from a nice spring to summer heat is not easy to some goat.

So when they get heated by direct sun light they might pant because panting gives goats eight times more relief from the heat that is giving them discomfort than sweating does.

A goat’s respiration might become rapid due to a variety of factors. Paying attention to your goats will aid in detecting any of these issues.

Goats don’t talk, but they have a herd mentality that allows them to follow and form strong bonds with their owners. This link is strong enough to detect when a goat is in distress. Some health issues cause the goats to breathe fast or slowly.

It is worth noting that in a healthy goat, extreme heat can cause difficulty in breathing or fast breathing. Whether an adult or a baby goat, they can develop respiratory illnesses.

It is very necessary you try as much as you can to carefully observe your goat’s behavior at this point and get in touch with a veterinarian if the rapid breathing persists.

Your vet will not only determine the underlying cause and but will also provide appropriate treatment.

What causes rapid breathing in goats?

heart disease, respiratory infections, pneumonia lung or airway problems, and stress are some of the factors that can be responsible for rapid breathing in goats.

Rapid breathing in goat can be attributed to other symptom of toxicities and this toxicities can be selenium or copper toxicity.

Additionally, some plants that are harmful to goats, such as nightshade, hemp, and bracken fern, can cause rapid breathing in a goat
When a goat gain access to any toxic plants, its could be poisoned and this could cause respiratory failure.

How do you treat respiratory infection in goats?

A combination of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication and also a supportive care will help treat respiratory infection in goats.

But before deciding which antibiotics drugs to get for your goat, you will first identify the type of infection you are dealing with in your goat. This will help you determine not only the type of antibiotics that will work but also the dosage of antibiotics to be given in respect to your goat’s overall health

While on the medication, you should provide a supportive care that will help the goat quickly bounce back to life as quick as possible. supportive health care such as providing a clean environment that is well-ventilated, and also the provision of a proper nutrition and hydration , will be of great help to the goat’s journey to speedy recovery

I wont fail to advise you to consult with a veterinarian for a proper diagnosis and other forms of treatment.

What are the signs of labored breathing in goats?

You can identify laboured breathing in goat through the following Signs :

  • Open-mouthed breathing
  • Rapid breathing
  • Nasal flaring
  • Coughing or wheezing
  • Retractions (the chest sinking in during inhalation)
  • Bluish gums or tongue (this indicate lack of oxygen)

Other notable signs of labored breathing in goats are wheezing, coughing, difficult breathing, restlessness, fever, and loss of weight.

Sign of laboured breathing in goats can also be identified with the goat stretching its neck or even standing still with mouth open and head down, and don’t forget that respiratory diseases can affect goats of all ages.

We will also like you to know that labored breathing can be a symptoms of various kind of health problems; it could be caused by just lung worm or just pneumonia. It could still be caused by a variety of respiratory infections.

Respiratory infection in goats can be caused by various types of viral or bacterial infections, injury to the trachea or throat, flies and parasites, and at times irritants to the nasal passages,
That is why you should seek the help of veterinarian.

How do you fix labored breathing in goats?

First you need to find out what actually caused the Laboured breathing in your goat, it is only after you have identified the underlying causes that you can know for sure which combination of medication will help.

Secondly you should understand that Laboured breathing in goat can be caused by any of lung worms,pneumonia, other respiratory infections. So your first task is to identify what is attacking your goat’s health which causes it to have Laboured breathing before you start administering antibiotics or other medications.

Please don’t fail to provide the much needed supportive care and also make sure that it environment is clean, dry and also well-ventilated because they need clean air to breathe

Lastly never fail to consult a veterinarian if you happen to suspect that your goat is having laboured breathing.

Ceftiofur, or oxytetracycline, may be prescribed by a vet. Anti-inflammatory medications in some cases might be prescribed to aid in the relief of signs and symptoms.

Why are my baby goats panting?

Your Baby goats could be panting because of the following which we listed :

  • overheating,
  • respiratory infection,
  • stress,
  • and heart problems.

When you notice that your baby goat is panting, you have to observe the baby goat behaviour , provide an enabling environment that is void of stress, overheating for the baby but if the panting persists don’t fail to consult with a veterinarian.

Is it normal for a baby goat to breathe fast?

It is actually normal for your baby goat to breathe fast. A baby goat can be healthy and still breath fast most especially when they are excited and active during the day. But at times when there is a prolonged rapid breathing then there is an underlying causes which might be a sign of illness or stress

Also, if the lungs of a baby goat are still developing, it causes the baby goat to breathe abnormally. At this point, there is nothing to worry about, especially if a vet doctor has ruled out any case of respiratory illness.

How do I know if my baby goat has pneumonia?

Here is how you will know if your baby or kid goat has pneumonia. The symptoms include the following:

  • moist painful cough
  • decreased appetite
  • nasal discharge/runny nose
  • rapid breathing
  • fever
  • and lethargy.

veterinarian should be consulted if you suspect any of this symptoms in your baby goat.

The most common cause of death in goats can be attributed to pneumonia. Pneumonia is simply a lung infection.

How do you treat pneumonia in baby goats?

Kid pneumonia as it is also called should be treated with specific antibiotics like Nuflor, Naxcel which tends to reach the blood level quickly, best management practices and a supportive care are also needed .

With all this in place you systematically reduce stress and also gradually improving the health of the goat.

Treatment of pneumonia in baby goats include the following:

  • Through giving of antibiotics as prescribed by your veterinarian.
  • Ensure you Provide proper nutrition necessary for the goat’s overall health. Also provide clean and dry environment that is well ventilated.
  • You have to minimise stress at all cost and also Keep the goat warm.

Broad-spectrum antibiotics will be needed to fight either primary or secondary bacterial infections. Any of the following can be used to treat pneumonia in a goat:

  • Ceftiofur
  • Tetracycline
  • Oxytetracycline


A range of variables, including lack of proper care and poor eating habits, can cause rapid

breathing in goats. Always provide a dry, clean pen house as well as surroundings that are protected from the elements. Take note that goats require constant access to high-quality hay and minerals, and it is essential to keep them worm-free.


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