Why Won’t My Chicken Leave Their Coop?

Coops are designed and constructed to make a safe and comfortable place for chickens to stay. Since they are created for hens, you should have it in mind that that chickens are known to be scared of new homes therefore, safety needs to be considered.

You might be wondering why your chicks don’t tend to leave their coop since they prefer taking closure there and you possibly haven’t come up with any form of solution to tackle such habit .

Today, we are going to help you understand the reality behind chickens feeling reluctant to leave their coops as well as highlight answers to frequently asked questions about the topic.

Why Won’t My Chicken Leave Their Coop?

Have you been wondering why your chickens don’t leave their coop even at dawn? There are several factors which might actually contribute to that.

Since chickens are known to enjoy their movement, it would appear strange if they don’t bother moving about.

Below are certain reasons why your chickens might not want to leave their coop.

Fear of danger

Your hens might feel that there might be some sort of danger out there and may decide to be restricted to their coop due to fear. There might also be a sighting of a predator around their coop.

How they were raised

Your chicken might find it convenient to stay in their coop since they were raised inside a coop by the person who was in charge of them previously.

Unfamiliar Surrounding

They might not be quite familiar with the new environment therefore, they might find it difficult to move around the environment.

How Long Does It Take For Chicken To Adjust To A New Home?

It might not take a long duration of time actually. After moving them to a new coop, you should try to make them adapt to the environment quickly. If certain measures are considered, your chicken should be able to get used to their environment in 4-5 days max.

Chickens are known to adapt new environment quickly hence, making them adjust won’t take months obviously. Furthermore, before they can adjust, it would be quite advisable to make the environment danger free as well as comfortable for them.

How Long Should New Chicken Stay In Their Coop?

Now this is a nice question to ask since there is no stipulated time for new chickens to stay in their coop. Chickens should be allowed to stay in the coop for 29-31 days so as to create time for certain observations.

You would want to know their reaction to the new environment, how they react to the weather as well as know if they are carrier of any form of infection in chicken.

Purchasing a new set of chicken and mixing them up with older ones isn’t advisable as the older ones might be infected by the new ones so, it is highly advisable to leave chicken in their coop for at least, a month and some days.

How Long To Leave Chicken In A New Coop?

Introducing chickens to a new coop might not be a hectic task actually. Since they have been used to their former home, getting to make them adjust to their new coop might not actually be easy.

Hence the reason why enough time should be sacrificed which might amount to a week and some days.

After feeding and caring for them in the coop for such time, they would gradually adjust and make the new coop their home. Furthermore, you should equally assist in making the coop quite comfortable and spacious so they can easily adjust to the new home provided for them.

Why Are My Chickens Staying In The Coop All Day?

You might actually think about their inability to go out and enjoy the fresh air nature offers them which is quite strange. Your chicken might be actually exposed to certain dangers due to the environment they find themselves hence, restricting them from getting to move out of their coops.

Below are certain measures that may restrict them from stepping outside their coop.

Bullying by bigger animals

They might feel intimidated and bullied by other domestic animals such cats, dogs or even foxes and snakes.


Your chicken might be trying to adopt to their new environment which might take a while so, giving them time to do that would make things right in no time.

Should I Leave My Coop Door Open During The Day?

Yes you can, only if your environment is free from predators. If you are not comfortable with them staying in their coop all day, You might consider leaving their coop door wide open to lure them outside. This might work after some days but it might also turn out to be quite risky.

Predators such as foxes and snakes are out for chickens therefore , the need to protect them from such. If you decide to leave the coop door open during the day, you might as well consider shifting the coop to a more safer place that can be considered free from predators.

Furthermore, if you feel your environment is safe and free from predators, you can go ahead in leaving the coop open.

How Can I Make My Chickens Leave Their Coop?

Getting your chickens to go out from their coop won’t be considered a hectic task, it might need some process. You can make chicken leave their coop by following certain steps. If you prefer them being outside than staying inside, you can actually follow these guidelines below.

Forcing The Chicken Out

You can actually make your chickens leave their coop by actually opening the door of the coop and ushering them outside by yourself. Doing this 3-4 times would probably make them get used to staying outside.

Feed Them Outside The Coop

Feeding them outside the coop won’t be a bad idea as food can be used in luring them outside the coop.

What Are The Best Type Of Chicken Coops ?

Metal coops are considered the best type of coop you can ever opt for. They are actually safe for chickens and can give no chance for predators.

Final Words

Moving chickens to a new home can be stressful, especially if they find it difficult to adjust. However, it might take a short time for them to adjust so there should be no need to panic.

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